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Working Group 2 Meeting "Bamboo & TEI & Interedition"

Local organizer: James Cummings (OUCS) Venue: OUCS, Oxford (UK) Dates: Wed 24 - Thur 25 August 2011

Working Group 2 of Interedition is the 'Work Horse' of the project where tools and interoperability models are thought up and actually built in proof of concept. This meeting provides some key developers and architects within Interedtion to come up with shared models for various themes in digital humanities. Many key EU and non-EU textual scholarship projects and knowledge are reprsented around the table (a.o. TextGrid, CLARIN-NL, Juxta, TEI, Huygens, Studia Stemmatologia, eLaborate, etc.). Most of all we're interested to see if there is scope for sharing/founding common models with the US based digital humanities infrastructure project BAMBOO, for which a representative is joining us.

Topics to be addressed:

  • Text & annotation models

Given the digital textual scholarship projects represented, can we think of a common architecture for a multi-layered description/interpretation model for text resources?

  • Text repositories

What would be a general applicable model for text resource discovery, harvesting, and exchange

  • Micro services & orchestration

Interedition coined the idea for light weight web services as discrete steps in larger exchangeable scholarly digital workflows. Bamboo came up with similar ideas. What would be a common feasible model for servicing, discovery, and orchestration?

  • Collation tools and collation encoding

TEI has of yet no generic model for representing collation results.

  • Publication and avenue for collaboration

Resulting from the above: how are we going to present and disseminate the potential avenues for cooperation in realizing the implementations of the generic models?

[Link to Live_Minutes_Oxford082011 (forthcoming)]

List of Future Meetings (details tbc)

Title: Think Tank ('Bootcamp #8') Location: Würzburg University, Würzburg (DE) Date: September 2011

Title: Training School: Tools for Digital Humanities Location: Würzburg University, Würzburg (DE) Date: October 2011

Title: Think Tank ('Bootcamp #10: Stemmatology) Location: KU Leuven, Leuven (DE) Date: November 2011

Title: Think Tank ('Bootcamp #9': Text Transcription & Annotation) Location: PSCN, Poznan (PL) Date: January 2012

Title: Think Tank ('Bootcamp #11': Collation) Location: Huygens ING, The Hague (NL) Date: March 2012

Title: Interedition - Final Conference Location: Huygens ING, The Hague (NL) Date: March 2012

Title: Management Committee Meeting Location: Huygens ING, The Hague (NL) Date: March 2012

Title: Interedition / COST IS1005 'hand shake' Location: SISMEL, Firenze (I) (tentatively) Date: 1st week of April 2012