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An impromptu meeting of the Management Committee took place at King's College London at DH2010, on Friday 9 July from 5 – 6 pm

Agenda of the impromptu MC Meeting:

  1. Welcome
  2. Topics to address concisely
    1. Budget and Workplan 2010-2011
    2. Status of the Action (APC results)
    3. Progress per Working Group
  3. Topics to discuss
    1. Dissemination (COST/Networks/Scholars/Projects)
    2. Planning Creation of Road Map (STSM?)
    3. Third demonstrator
    4. MC seats UK
  4. Remaining business
    1. Action list
    2. AOB
    3. Next MC meeting
    4. Closing

Minutes of the impromptu MC Meeting:

Attendants: Joris van Zundert (chair), Susan Schreibman, Fotis Jannidis, Peter Robinson, Barbara Bordalejo, Karina van Dalen-Oskam (minute taker).

Budget and Workplan 2010-2011
The budget for our third year is approved by COST, and is 20,000 euro higher than originally planned. But we will have to spend it. Joris will put the relevant information on the wiki.

Status of the Action / planned workshops and bootcamps
The MC agreed on the organisation of a workshop in Pisa next to the ESTS together with the Stemmatology Group (organiser: Peter Robinson). The MC agreed on a workshop in Israel (organiser: Susan Schreibman) Bursaries may be provided for Israel for early stage researchers. Peter and Susan decided they will advertise both workshops together.

There are concrete plans as well for bootcamps, which are get-togethers of programmers working on the Interediton demonstrators and financed as STSMs (Short Term Scientific Missions) from the Action budget. The first will take place at the end of september, connected to the A32 Action's closing in Munich.

The second bootcamp will be linked to the ESTS conference in Pisa. FYI: the first version of CollateX, the new webservice for text collation, is out.

Two MC meetings are budgeted for the third year of the Action, but one will probably be enough, added with mail contact etc. It seems a good idea to do the MC in Pisa. It need not take a whole day. The schedule for Pisa is decided on as follows: Workshop on Tuesday 23 November (together with the Stemmatologists), MC Wednesday 24 November, Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 November ESTS. The Bootcamp will be the whole week, from Monday to Friday.

A third bootcap will take place in February 2011 in connection to the release workshop of Text Grid.

Joris will take care of COST paperwork. Susan and Peter will take care of the content business for Israel resp. Pisa: drawing up announcements etc. Joris looks at the budget to see if the ESTS workshop can invite some people from outside.

Dissemination (COST/Networks/Scholars/Projects)
Interedition is not doing well in it's dissemination. This is problematic. We'll have to do something about it. Our website and wiki are far below what is needed. Karina will structure the sites based on our plans and wishes as expressed in earlier meetings. Susan knows someone who could fill the separate pages in and who could point out lacunae. Susan and Karina will take care of organizing this.

Planning Creation of Road Map (STSM?) The idea was suggested that someone from outside the group of Work Package leaders could make up a very first rough list of necessary topics for the Road Map, a.o. about basic interoperability, which can be a basis for the Road Map. This person could perhaps also organise a workshop around a WP 4 meeting to take place next (2011) autumn. This will have to be planned more in detail at a combined WP meeting which is now provisionally scheduled for April 2011.

MC seats UK Peter Robinson will start his new job at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. This means that his MC seat is available starting from September 2010. A shortlist was made of persons who could replace Peter.
Joris will arrange, together with Peter, that Peter brings in Canada as non-COST liaison to our Action.

Any Other Business
Joris points out we have to have closer association with e.g. AusLit and Open Annotation Collaboration. How? Invite them to workshop autumn 2011 could be an idea. More ideas will have to be generated through an e-mail discussion. Karina will initiate this.

Action list Budget and Workplan 2010-2011 on wiki (Joris)
Organization Pisa Workshop (Peter)
Organization Israel workshop (Susan)
Advertising Pisa and Israel workshops (Peter and Susan, joint action)
Organization bootcamps (Joris)
Workshops and bootcamp paperwork (Joris)
Check budget possibilities for inviting external attendants to ESTS-connected workshop (Joris)
Structure website and wiki (Karina)
Find help for updating website and wiki (Susan and Karina)
Initiate e-maildiscussion about reaching out to other groups (Karina)

Items which due to time constraints could not be addressed:
Progress per Working Group
Third demonstrator

Karina van Dalen-Oskam, 14 July 2010

A Management Committee meeting was planned in Florence on Monday April 19th 2010. Local organizer was the Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale in Firenze. However, this meeting had to be cancelled due to the closing of most of Europe's air space because of the volcanic ash from Iceland.

In April 2010, an Interedition development boot camp took place in Florence. For more information, see FlorenceBootcamp.