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## Progress per Working Group
## Progress per Working Group
# Topics to discuss
# Topics to discuss
## Dissemination
## Dissemination (COST/Networks/Scholars/Projects)
## Planning Creation of Road Map (STSM?)
## Planning Creation of Road Map (STSM?)
## Third demonstrator
## Third demonstrator

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== An impromptu meeting of the Management Committee is planned to take place at DH2010 on Friday 9 July from 5 – 6 pm. Location: Anatomy Theatre, King's Building, floor 6 room 29. ==

Agenda of the impromptu MC Meeting:

  1. Welcome
  2. Topics to address concisely
    1. Budget and Workplan 2010-2011
    2. Status of the Action (APC results)
    3. Progress per Working Group
  3. Topics to discuss
    1. Dissemination (COST/Networks/Scholars/Projects)
    2. Planning Creation of Road Map (STSM?)
    3. Third demonstrator
    4. MC seats UK
  4. Remaining business
    1. Action list
    2. AOB
    3. Next MC meeting
    4. Closing

A Management Committee meeting was planned in Florence on Monday April 19th 2010. Local organizer was the Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale in Firenze. However, this meeting had to be cancelled due to the closing of most of Europe's air space because of the volcanic ash from Iceland.

In April 2010, an Interedition development boot camp took place in Florence. For more information, see FlorenceBootcamp.