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== Pisa, 23 November 2010 ==
Interedition is calling a Management Committee meeting in Pisa (venue: [http://www.ilc.cnr.it/viewpage.php/sez=organizzazione/id=10/vers=ing CNR]) on Tuesday 23 November 2010. This Management Committee meeting is adjoining the 2010 Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS, see: http://www.textualscholarship.eu/conference-2010.html).
[[Minutes Pisa 2010]]
== Pisa, 24 November 2010 ==
Joint meeting of Working Groups 1, 2 and 3 on the morning of Wednesday 24 November 2010 to coordinate and agree on the different proof of concept developments, funding possibilities and various other initiatives being undertaking in those Working Groups. (Venue: [http://www.ilc.cnr.it/viewpage.php/sez=organizzazione/id=10/vers=ing CNR].)
[[Minutes Pisa 24 11 2010]]
== Pisa, 24 November 2010 ==
Meet up with the stemmatologists of the ESF COMSt project (http://www1.uni-hamburg.de/COMST/) on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 November 2010. This meeting will focus on tool development for digital textual scholarship that is related to both Interedition and COMST and to look for possible mutual opportunities for research and development: the aim is to elucidate the questions, aims, methods and results of both groups, and find common ways forward. (Venue: [http://www.ilc.cnr.it/viewpage.php/sez=organizzazione/id=10/vers=ing CNR].)
[[Minutes 24-11-2010 Pisa Interedition Stemmatology]]

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