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[05/12/2012 19:33:04] RonaldHaentjensDekker added Tara L Andrews to this conversation
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[05/12/2012 19:33:10] RonaldHaentjensDekker added Andrea Scotti to this conversation
[05/12/2012 19:33:22] RonaldHaentjensDekker: test :-) 1 2 3
[05/12/2012 19:38:55] RonaldHaentjensDekker added Federico Meschini to this conversation
[05/12/2012 19:40:12] Gregor Middell: hi
[05/12/2012 19:40:18] RonaldHaentjensDekker: hi
[05/12/2012 19:40:20] Federico Meschini: hi
[05/12/2012 19:40:51] Andrea Scotti: hi
[05/12/2012 19:41:03] Federico Meschini: starting in a few minutes?
[05/12/2012 19:41:11] RonaldHaentjensDekker: in about 20 minutes
[05/12/2012 19:41:43] Andrea Scotti: give me the time to feed the kids .. need 15 min .. have already cooked
[05/12/2012 19:41:52] Federico Meschini: :)
[05/12/2012 19:41:57] Federico Meschini: italian german kids
[05/12/2012 19:42:00] RonaldHaentjensDekker: no problem
[05/12/2012 19:42:03] Federico Meschini: they should be quite hungry
[05/12/2012 19:42:29] Andrea Scotti: yes where out 4 h under the snow .. on the bike
[05/12/2012 19:42:31] Andrea Scotti: so
[05/12/2012 19:42:43] Andrea Scotti: just let me feed the beasts
[05/12/2012 19:43:19] RonaldHaentjensDekker: anybody know how I can save the log in skype 6 on mac os x?
[05/12/2012 19:44:23] Andrea Scotti: is atomatic .. after all writen dialog .. just request last week chats anu have the log
[05/12/2012 19:45:09] Federico Meschini: there should be also a way of saving it
[05/12/2012 19:45:30] RonaldHaentjensDekker: I can select all - copy - paste at least :-)
[05/12/2012 19:45:57] Federico Meschini: old school way of doing it
[05/12/2012 19:45:58] Federico Meschini: :)
[05/12/2012 19:46:42] Andrea Scotti: yes
[05/12/2012 19:46:48] Andrea Scotti: old but good
[05/12/2012 19:47:06] Andrea Scotti: so call me in
[05/12/2012 19:47:11] Andrea Scotti: when u start
[05/12/2012 19:47:13] Federico Meschini: ok
[05/12/2012 20:01:10] Andrea Scotti: ok
[05/12/2012 20:01:15] Andrea Scotti: i´m in
[05/12/2012 20:01:22] Federico Meschini: ready too
[05/12/2012 20:01:47] RonaldHaentjensDekker added nick.laiacona to this conversation
[05/12/2012 20:02:03] Gregor Middell: ready too, got only 15 mins though ... :(
[05/12/2012 20:02:18] Federico Meschini: we'll make it quick and intense
[05/12/2012 20:02:21] RonaldHaentjensDekker added moz9999 to this conversation
[05/12/2012 20:02:32] RonaldHaentjensDekker: ok lets start
[05/12/2012 20:02:36] Nick Laiacona: hello
[05/12/2012 20:02:39] RonaldHaentjensDekker: hi
[05/12/2012 20:02:44] Federico Meschini: hi Nick
[05/12/2012 20:02:49] Nick Laiacona: hey fed
[05/12/2012 20:03:00] Andrea Scotti: i evrybody
[05/12/2012 20:03:02] RonaldHaentjensDekker: first point on the agenda
[05/12/2012 20:03:08] RonaldHaentjensDekker: setting the agenda :-)
[05/12/2012 20:02:39] moz9999: hi everyone!
[05/12/2012 20:03:16] Federico Meschini: a meta point
[05/12/2012 20:03:19] Andrea Scotti: right !!
[05/12/2012 20:03:22] RonaldHaentjensDekker: 0. Agenda
1. Recap bootcamp in the Hague
2. Dissemination and funding
3. Moderators for meetings in January, February and March
3. Ongoing activities
[05/12/2012 20:03:35] RonaldHaentjensDekker: anybody got something to add?
[05/12/2012 20:03:39] Andrea Scotti: are we going voice ??
[05/12/2012 20:04:20] Tara L Andrews: easier to log if we stay on chat.
[05/12/2012 20:04:21] RonaldHaentjensDekker: the idea is to try text only first
[05/12/2012 20:04:23] Tara L Andrews: (hi everyone)
[05/12/2012 20:04:27] Andrea Scotti: as said .. have to be only an observer .. very critical .. cuntrutive i hope
[05/12/2012 20:04:32] Nick Laiacona: hey tara
[05/12/2012 20:04:50] Andrea Scotti: ok
[05/12/2012 20:04:52] Nick Laiacona: Ronald, I have nothing to add to the agenda.
[05/12/2012 20:05:00] RonaldHaentjensDekker: leif joran could not make it
[05/12/2012 20:05:06] Andrea Scotti: on text works for sure
[05/12/2012 20:05:15] RonaldHaentjensDekker: unfortanutely he was involved in accident today
[05/12/2012 20:05:27] Nick Laiacona: is he ok?
[05/12/2012 20:05:32] Federico Meschini: auch
[05/12/2012 20:05:33] RonaldHaentjensDekker: he broke his foot
[05/12/2012 20:05:43] Nick Laiacona: ouch
[05/12/2012 20:05:46] RonaldHaentjensDekker: when a cyclist forced him off the pavement
[05/12/2012 20:05:47] Tara L Andrews: ow!
[05/12/2012 20:06:01] Federico Meschini: cyclist can be very dangesour sometimes
[05/12/2012 20:06:08] Andrea Scotti: hey
[05/12/2012 20:06:20] Nick Laiacona: sorry to hear that
[05/12/2012 20:06:29] Andrea Scotti: i ´m a cyclist .. and an orthodox one
[05/12/2012 20:06:43] Federico Meschini: let's stick to the Agenda
[05/12/2012 20:06:53] RonaldHaentjensDekker: lets go to point 1
[05/12/2012 20:06:54] Federico Meschini: nexti time we'll talk about cyclicst
[05/12/2012 20:06:56] Andrea Scotti: well I hope he will recover as soon as possible
[05/12/2012 20:07:03] RonaldHaentjensDekker: recap of the bootcamp
[05/12/2012 20:07:14] Andrea Scotti: yes point 1
[05/12/2012 20:08:01] RonaldHaentjensDekker: so a few week ago there was a bootcamp at the huygens ing in the hague were we got together and discussed different textmodels
[05/12/2012 20:08:27] Andrea Scotti: did u publish them??
[05/12/2012 20:08:44] Andrea Scotti: some where in the group ??
[05/12/2012 20:08:53] RonaldHaentjensDekker: there are some notes on the interedition wiki
[05/12/2012 20:09:01] Andrea Scotti: ok
[05/12/2012 20:09:10] Andrea Scotti: will look them up
[05/12/2012 20:09:55] Gregor Middell: https://github.com/interedition/ also has some code
[05/12/2012 20:10:01] RonaldHaentjensDekker: to be more precise they are here: http://www.interedition.eu/wiki/index.php/TheHague112012Minutes
[05/12/2012 20:11:30] Andrea Scotti: see the point
[05/12/2012 20:11:33] RonaldHaentjensDekker added zethgreen to this conversation
[05/12/2012 20:11:39] RonaldHaentjensDekker: in short we discussed the variant graph model and the range based model
[05/12/2012 20:11:40] Andrea Scotti: but let´s go ahead
[05/12/2012 20:11:44] RonaldHaentjensDekker: (added zeth)
[05/12/2012 20:12:13] Andrea Scotti: is he there ??
[05/12/2012 20:12:42] Andrea Scotti: hi zeth .. u´re freezing u´re ass up there in England
[05/12/2012 20:12:55] Federico Meschini: Andrea behave
[05/12/2012 20:12:58] Federico Meschini: we are talking about text models
[05/12/2012 20:13:04] Federico Meschini: and we do not have that much time
[05/12/2012 20:13:07] Federico Meschini: pffffff Italians....
[05/12/2012 20:13:30] RonaldHaentjensDekker: if nobody has anything further to add about the bootcamp we can go on to the next point
[05/12/2012 20:13:33] zethgreen: Hello
[05/12/2012 20:13:41] Andrea Scotti: hi
[05/12/2012 20:13:51] Tara L Andrews: well, i would simply add that we made little progress on the front end but got a good idea of how hard the problem is :)
[05/12/2012 20:13:51] Nick Laiacona: looks like it was a good one, sorry to miss it
[05/12/2012 20:13:57] zethgreen: Yeah a little cold but there is no such thing as bad weather only bad dressing :)
[05/12/2012 20:14:06] Federico Meschini: and good
[05/12/2012 20:14:07] Federico Meschini: and food
[05/12/2012 20:14:22] Tara L Andrews: so joris & i at least hope to have a chance to poke at it more in the near future. but er, not this month.
[05/12/2012 20:14:33] Tara L Andrews: ronald: doug is trying to join, i just told him to poke yyou
[05/12/2012 20:14:56] Federico Meschini: Doug could be very helpful in the front end stuff
[05/12/2012 20:15:04] RonaldHaentjensDekker added larue24601 to this conversation
[05/12/2012 20:15:04] Federico Meschini: giving his esperience with TILE, AXE and so on
[05/12/2012 20:15:08] RonaldHaentjensDekker: (added doug)
[05/12/2012 20:15:27] Andrea Scotti: good
[05/12/2012 20:15:34] Andrea Scotti: hi doug
[05/12/2012 20:15:44] Doug Reside: hi all
[05/12/2012 20:15:56] RonaldHaentjensDekker: for the people who just joined can you see the whole chat log?
[05/12/2012 20:16:05] Doug Reside: Hmmmm looking
[05/12/2012 20:16:06] Doug Reside: Not sure how
[05/12/2012 20:16:07] zethgreen: No
[05/12/2012 20:16:15] zethgreen: I only see as far back as I joined
[05/12/2012 20:16:21] Doug Reside: Me too
[05/12/2012 20:16:26] Doug Reside: Can someone just paste it?
[05/12/2012 20:16:38] Tara L Andrews: it's kind of a lot to paste...
[05/12/2012 20:16:46] Tara L Andrews: could paste it onto the wiki i guess?
[05/12/2012 20:16:50] Andrea Scotti: <pasted log>
[05/12/2012 20:16:51] Doug Reside: Aha
[05/12/2012 20:17:09] Andrea Scotti: there it is
[05/12/2012 20:17:49] Gregor Middell: (sorry, got to leave already, i'll keep the chat logging)
[05/12/2012 20:17:58] Gregor Middell: (talk to you later!)
[05/12/2012 20:18:04] RonaldHaentjensDekker: bye
[05/12/2012 20:18:09] Nick Laiacona: later Gregor!
[05/12/2012 20:18:51] RonaldHaentjensDekker: @tara: I would indeed be nice if we had a frontend up and running for the text repository
[05/12/2012 20:18:55] RonaldHaentjensDekker: i = it
[05/12/2012 20:19:10] Doug Reside: Ok, just caught up with the chat.  But sorry, what repo?
[05/12/2012 20:19:33] Nick Laiacona: somewhere in https://github.com/interedition/ I think
[05/12/2012 20:19:38] RonaldHaentjensDekker: during the bootcamp we discussed a range based text model that can store layers of text
[05/12/2012 20:19:47] moz9999: https://github.com/interedition/text
[05/12/2012 20:19:53] RonaldHaentjensDekker: using a stand off annotations model
[05/12/2012 20:19:57] Nick Laiacona: oh sorry.. they are referring to the range offset repo gregor is building
[05/12/2012 20:20:08] Doug Reside: aha
[05/12/2012 20:20:22] Doug Reside: Cool
[05/12/2012 20:20:39] RonaldHaentjensDekker: so during the bootcamp part of particpants was looking at extending the rest interface of the text repo
[05/12/2012 20:20:46] Doug Reside: So the front end would need to be able to put ranges in from an interface and then get them out and apply them back to the text?
[05/12/2012 20:20:54] Federico Meschini: yep
[05/12/2012 20:20:54] RonaldHaentjensDekker: others where looking at building a basic frontend for it
[05/12/2012 20:21:02] Federico Meschini: alwasy side you were quite smart Doug!
[05/12/2012 20:21:07] Federico Meschini: said
[05/12/2012 20:21:14] Doug Reside: Ha.  But it sounds doable.
[05/12/2012 20:21:15] Tara L Andrews: specifically, we found a library to do the frontend magic to some extent
[05/12/2012 20:21:20] Doug Reside: rangy?
[05/12/2012 20:21:25] Tara L Andrews: but it makes slightly different assumptions than we do
[05/12/2012 20:21:27] Tara L Andrews: (no, annotator)
[05/12/2012 20:21:31] Tara L Andrews: and it is written in coffeescript.
[05/12/2012 20:21:31] Doug Reside: ah
[05/12/2012 20:21:34] Doug Reside: oooo
[05/12/2012 20:21:36] Doug Reside: nice
[05/12/2012 20:21:52] zethgreen: What is the library called?
[05/12/2012 20:22:02] Doug Reside: "Annotator" right?
[05/12/2012 20:22:10] RonaldHaentjensDekker: yes
[05/12/2012 20:22:13] Tara L Andrews: http://okfnlabs.org/annotator/
[05/12/2012 20:22:22] Doug Reside: So where do things stand?  Who's working on it?
[05/12/2012 20:22:27] Doug Reside: And how complete is the backend?
[05/12/2012 20:22:39] Tara L Andrews: the backend has a working rest interface, enough to get on with frontend dev
[05/12/2012 20:23:02] Tara L Andrews: the frontend was me, joris, and paolo monella, though i don't know how involved paolo will be post-bootcamp.
[05/12/2012 20:23:09] Doug Reside: wow.  Europeans were productive while us lazy Americans were digesting turkey
[05/12/2012 20:23:18] Tara L Andrews: yeah and i didn't get any turkey :b
[05/12/2012 20:23:18] Nick Laiacona: any docs on the REST API?
[05/12/2012 20:23:31] Nick Laiacona: heh
[05/12/2012 20:23:53] RonaldHaentjensDekker: I think the server shows a doc page when go to it with a browser
[05/12/2012 20:24:02] moz9999: yes
[05/12/2012 20:24:08] Doug Reside: Is there money left over for a meeting?
[05/12/2012 20:24:19] Doug Reside: To do the front end
[05/12/2012 20:24:27] Tara L Andrews: afraid not
[05/12/2012 20:24:31] Tara L Andrews: until/unless we find some more.
[05/12/2012 20:24:47] RonaldHaentjensDekker: no.. the huygens ing only sponsered this meeting with a small amount
[05/12/2012 20:24:55] Doug Reside: I suppose we could also try to schedule some sort of weird cross time-zone remote thing
[05/12/2012 20:25:50] Doug Reside: MITH got a little bit of money from a grant that Grant and I put together before I left to do worksprints on an online XML editor.  I wonder if we could try to do a meeting around that
[05/12/2012 20:26:20] Doug Reside: It has specified people it has to pay for alas, but it might be possible to do a two location thing where one group picks up as the other goes to bed
[05/12/2012 20:26:56] Doug Reside: Its a slightly different sort of thing, but I could see the offset interface being a separate "view"
[05/12/2012 20:27:01] RonaldHaentjensDekker added shunrata to this conversation
[05/12/2012 20:27:07] RonaldHaentjensDekker: (added Daniel)
[05/12/2012 20:27:11] Doug Reside: hi
[05/12/2012 20:27:29] Daniel Stoekl: good evening
[05/12/2012 20:27:41] Daniel Stoekl: Call started, 1 minute 44 seconds
[05/12/2012 20:28:32] zethgreen: [Have we suddenly gone into sound mode too?]
[05/12/2012 20:28:43] Nick Laiacona: is there any next Interedition meeting planned?
[05/12/2012 20:28:44] Tara L Andrews: er...voice not so good for me at the moment
[05/12/2012 20:29:03] Daniel Stoekl: tommy wasserman is a specialist for nt mss. he always participates in the sbl nt textual criticism meetings
[05/12/2012 20:29:06] Nick Laiacona: I think folks were just thinking, Zeth :)
[05/12/2012 20:29:07] Doug Reside: Yeah, lets stick with text
[05/12/2012 20:29:29] Tara L Andrews: no next meeting planned afaik, there would have to be some funding found first.
[05/12/2012 20:29:30] Daniel Stoekl: Call ended, 1 minute 44 seconds
[05/12/2012 20:29:44] zethgreen: So maybe future meeting of interedition should be individually self-funded
[05/12/2012 20:30:04] zethgreen: That each delegate has to nag his own institution to pay for accomodation and travel
[05/12/2012 20:30:17] Doug Reside: That would be a bit tricky for international travel I think
[05/12/2012 20:30:57] Doug Reside: We'd also need to have some clearer deliverables I believe for most institutions.  We're all mostly non-tenure track
[05/12/2012 20:31:02] Andrea Scotti: specially for whom that has no institution to nag
[05/12/2012 20:31:04] Tara L Andrews: hm ronald seems to have been booted out
[05/12/2012 20:31:14] RonaldHaentjensDekker: I am back in
[05/12/2012 20:31:16] zethgreen: Well my University considers EU local travel
[05/12/2012 20:31:20] Tara L Andrews: oh good
[05/12/2012 20:31:36] zethgreen: Outside of EU would be a problem finding the money probably
[05/12/2012 20:31:44] Doug Reside: yeah
[05/12/2012 20:31:46] Tara L Andrews: so, have we segued to agenda point #2? :)
[05/12/2012 20:31:50] RonaldHaentjensDekker: we seem to have gone to the next point of the agenda: funding
[05/12/2012 20:32:20] Andrea Scotti: can I ask
[05/12/2012 20:32:23] Doug Reside: Yeah.  I kind of think we should try a semi-remote sprint at some point
[05/12/2012 20:32:25] Andrea Scotti: a thing
[05/12/2012 20:32:41] Tara L Andrews: i have applied for an ALLC grant with interedition's name on for a stemmatology project, but that (like the grant to MITH) only covers specific already-named people.
[05/12/2012 20:32:43] Andrea Scotti: would like to go to the end of point one ..
[05/12/2012 20:32:54] Tara L Andrews: though anyone who has interest and self-funding possibilities would be welcome to join if we get it.
[05/12/2012 20:33:10] zethgreen: cool
[05/12/2012 20:34:08] Nick Laiacona: I might be able to self-fund once a year.. stemmaweb looks cool btw
[05/12/2012 20:34:20] RonaldHaentjensDekker: joris send around a proposal for interedition2 on the mailing list and asks all of us to take a look at it and comment
[05/12/2012 20:34:37] Tara L Andrews: andrea, you wanted to ask something?
[05/12/2012 20:34:50] zethgreen: is that "will send" or "has sent"?
[05/12/2012 20:34:55] Federico Meschini: has sent
[05/12/2012 20:34:57] RonaldHaentjensDekker: sorry has sent
[05/12/2012 20:35:52] RonaldHaentjensDekker: anybody has anything to add to point 2 funding?
[05/12/2012 20:36:09] Nick Laiacona: we can continue to schedule around confs like DH
[05/12/2012 20:36:18] Nick Laiacona: where people might already have travel budgets
[05/12/2012 20:36:20] Doug Reside: Yeah
[05/12/2012 20:36:28] Doug Reside: Also, STS in Feburary?
[05/12/2012 20:36:31] Doug Reside: in Chicago?
[05/12/2012 20:36:37] Federico Meschini: March
[05/12/2012 20:36:40] Federico Meschini: I'll be there
[05/12/2012 20:36:40] Doug Reside: right
[05/12/2012 20:36:54] Doug Reside: Yes.  That would be logical if Europeans can get funding
[05/12/2012 20:37:00] Nick Laiacona: I'm thinking about SXSW in March
[05/12/2012 20:37:06] Tara L Andrews: hipster. :b
[05/12/2012 20:37:17] Doug Reside: Wow.  That would be awesome, but a bit out of most institutions budgets
[05/12/2012 20:37:21] Nick Laiacona: he said wo/irony
[05/12/2012 20:37:26] Doug Reside: ha
[05/12/2012 20:38:03] Nick Laiacona: when/where is next TEI meeting?
[05/12/2012 20:38:30] Federico Meschini: ROME!
[05/12/2012 20:38:36] Federico Meschini: November 2013
[05/12/2012 20:38:37] Nick Laiacona: nice
[05/12/2012 20:39:09] Doug Reside: But hopefully some other funding will emerge by then
[05/12/2012 20:39:15] Nick Laiacona: that might be a good one.. a lot of people interested in this sort of work there
[05/12/2012 20:39:30] Doug Reside: I suspect STS in Chicago and DH in Nebraska might be good locations, but both US alas
[05/12/2012 20:39:43] Nick Laiacona: yeah I'll probably be at DH
[05/12/2012 20:39:50] Doug Reside: What about MLA.  Do Europeans do that?
[05/12/2012 20:40:22] RonaldHaentjensDekker: members from the huygens ing might go the DH
[05/12/2012 20:41:26] RonaldHaentjensDekker: ok lets bring this point up again in the next meeting
[05/12/2012 20:41:33] RonaldHaentjensDekker: lets move on to point 3
[05/12/2012 20:41:50] RonaldHaentjensDekker: we need moderators for the next three monthly interedition meetings
[05/12/2012 20:42:10] RonaldHaentjensDekker: any voluntairs?
[05/12/2012 20:42:26] Tara L Andrews: joris is already signed up for january
[05/12/2012 20:42:36] Nick Laiacona: I can do Feb
[05/12/2012 20:42:37] moz9999: i'd take feb
[05/12/2012 20:42:40] moz9999: or march
[05/12/2012 20:42:51] RonaldHaentjensDekker: that was quick
[05/12/2012 20:42:53] RonaldHaentjensDekker: so joris jan
[05/12/2012 20:42:57] RonaldHaentjensDekker: nick feb
[05/12/2012 20:43:01] RonaldHaentjensDekker: and moritz march
[05/12/2012 20:43:03] RonaldHaentjensDekker: ok?
[05/12/2012 20:43:07] moz9999: ok
[05/12/2012 20:43:08] Nick Laiacona: sound good
[05/12/2012 20:43:17] Doug Reside: Sounds good
[05/12/2012 20:43:55] RonaldHaentjensDekker: moving on to point 4: ongoing activities
[05/12/2012 20:44:07] Andrea Scotti: would like to know if there are already subjects for all these meetings
[05/12/2012 20:44:20] RonaldHaentjensDekker: no, not that I know of
[05/12/2012 20:45:11] Andrea Scotti: because would like to bring in something that may sound out of focus   but that i consider interesting
[05/12/2012 20:46:59] Nick Laiacona: Andrea, if yo contact the moderator of the next meeting, I'm sure they can put it on the agenda
[05/12/2012 20:47:05] moz9999: i think points could always be added to the agenda pretty spontaneously
[05/12/2012 20:47:15] Andrea Scotti: it may may be not appealing to the general focus but could be interesting for general  NLP models which we can consider of interest
[05/12/2012 20:47:47] Nick Laiacona: send out background info ahead of time if you think of it please
[05/12/2012 20:48:03] Andrea Scotti: ok
[05/12/2012 20:48:21] Tara L Andrews: not much ongoing work to report from me...
[05/12/2012 20:48:28] Tara L Andrews: am working on a lecture i need to give about modeling, but that is yack not hack.
[05/12/2012 20:49:01] RonaldHaentjensDekker: gregor and I are in talks with some researcher who want to collate the texts of jude
[05/12/2012 20:49:20] RonaldHaentjensDekker: http://demo.datanetworkservice.nl/mediawiki/index.php/Jude:_Text_Fabric#Step_4:_Collation
[05/12/2012 20:49:51] Doug Reside: Interesting!  Bringing in 2 Peter?
[05/12/2012 20:49:58] zethgreen: CollateX is happily churning through the gospel of John as we speek
[05/12/2012 20:50:02] zethgreen: speak
[05/12/2012 20:50:13] zethgreen: It is working well in bham now
[05/12/2012 20:50:16] RonaldHaentjensDekker: zeth: good to hear
[05/12/2012 20:50:33] RonaldHaentjensDekker: zeth: there is some demand in the jude project to revive the collatex python bindings
[05/12/2012 20:50:48] RonaldHaentjensDekker: zeth: would you be interested in joining that discussion?
[05/12/2012 20:51:02] zethgreen: I personally now just from within Python call the microservice using rest
[05/12/2012 20:51:08] zethgreen: works as well as the python bindings
[05/12/2012 20:51:23] zethgreen: or better in fact as it is higher level
[05/12/2012 20:51:37] zethgreen: but yes would be interested
[05/12/2012 20:51:48] RonaldHaentjensDekker: they want to use a custom matching function which would involve passing some code to the collator
[05/12/2012 20:52:01] zethgreen: Who is the jude project, are they associated with the IGNTP?
[05/12/2012 20:52:14] zethgreen: (I have no ability to remember all the NT projects)
[05/12/2012 20:52:31] RonaldHaentjensDekker: see the url: Dirk Roorda[pers 1] (author of this wiki), Jan Krans[pers 2], Juan Garcés[pers 3] and Matthew Munson[pers 4].
[05/12/2012 20:52:52] Doug Reside: Who is this Tommy Wasserman
[05/12/2012 20:53:06] Doug Reside: And do you really need to ask him for the texts
[05/12/2012 20:53:21] Doug Reside: or are they stored in some Git somewhere public
[05/12/2012 20:53:38] zethgreen: I see, Jude would have already been through some version of collate or collatex in munster
[05/12/2012 20:53:45] zethgreen: but without the custom matching function
[05/12/2012 20:54:10] RonaldHaentjensDekker: I am only involved in the collation discussion at the moment. if you guys are interested I could get you into contact with dirk roorda
[05/12/2012 20:54:30] zethgreen: Oh him, I think he already contacted me
[05/12/2012 20:54:52] zethgreen: (I have been a busy boy making phone apps)
[05/12/2012 20:55:08] Doug Reside: I'm more interested in the "hey cool maybe I'll take a look some evening" more than in the "I want to collaborate" sense
[05/12/2012 20:55:14] Doug Reside: Phone apps?
[05/12/2012 20:55:34] zethgreen: I have been making a phone/tablet version of the nestle aland 28 edition
[05/12/2012 20:55:40] Doug Reside: ooo
[05/12/2012 20:55:46] RonaldHaentjensDekker: @doug: I understand. I will probably know in a few weeks time whether the data is public
[05/12/2012 20:55:53] Doug Reside: I can haz beta?
[05/12/2012 20:56:05] Doug Reside: ^ of the tablet app
[05/12/2012 20:56:15] Federico Meschini: yep would be interested to in that app
[05/12/2012 20:56:16] zethgreen: Maybe when we get to beta :)
[05/12/2012 20:56:23] Federico Meschini: it's an iOS one?
[05/12/2012 20:56:29] zethgreen: We presented very Alpha at SBL in Chicago
[05/12/2012 20:56:43] zethgreen: it is iPad, iPhone and android
[05/12/2012 20:56:48] Doug Reside: phonegap?
[05/12/2012 20:56:51] zethgreen: android you get tablet and phone in same binary
[05/12/2012 20:57:01] zethgreen: No I tried phonegap and gave up with it
[05/12/2012 20:57:03] Daniel Stoekl: tommy wasserman is a specialist for nt mss. he always participates in the sbl nt textual criticism meetings
[05/12/2012 20:57:06] Andrea Scotti: guys .. sorry
[05/12/2012 20:57:24] Andrea Scotti: but  kids call me in for duty ..
[05/12/2012 20:57:30] Andrea Scotti: have to leave
[05/12/2012 20:57:32] Doug Reside: Good...um...evening?
[05/12/2012 20:57:36] Andrea Scotti: the chat
[05/12/2012 20:57:50] Andrea Scotti: 4 kids is a work
[05/12/2012 20:57:53] zethgreen: The content of this app will not be open source though, as the Nestle Aland text is controlled by bible soc
[05/12/2012 20:58:02] Andrea Scotti: as u all probably know!!
[05/12/2012 20:58:10] Andrea Scotti: bye
[05/12/2012 20:58:10] moz9999: bye andrea
[05/12/2012 20:58:16] Nick Laiacona: see ya!
[05/12/2012 20:58:18] RonaldHaentjensDekker: bye
[05/12/2012 20:58:23] zethgreen: [the transcriptions and other stuff are open source though]
[05/12/2012 20:58:30] Doug Reside: Right.  But surely they wouldn't mind if one little ol' digital curator from NY had a digital copy of a text he's already bought at least once...
[05/12/2012 20:58:40] zethgreen: well if you were a tester
[05/12/2012 20:58:45] zethgreen: then you could get it free
[05/12/2012 20:58:55] Doug Reside: * raises hand  in volunteering motion *
[05/12/2012 20:59:03] zethgreen: I will let you know when the time comes
[05/12/2012 20:59:15] zethgreen: at the moment it looks like android will be beta first
[05/12/2012 20:59:22] Doug Reside: Best for me
[05/12/2012 20:59:23] zethgreen: as that has less complexity
[05/12/2012 20:59:27] Doug Reside: Yeah
[05/12/2012 20:59:56] zethgreen: It is all in pygame believe it or not
[05/12/2012 21:00:07] zethgreen: and statically compiled into a binary
[05/12/2012 21:00:09] Doug Reside: interesting.
[05/12/2012 21:00:11] zethgreen: and Apple allow this now
[05/12/2012 21:00:11] Doug Reside: wow
[05/12/2012 21:00:15] Federico Meschini: pygame?
[05/12/2012 21:00:21] zethgreen: yeah
[05/12/2012 21:01:13] zethgreen: So phonegap goes over the properitary Apple API by embedding a browser, pygame approach goes under it by talking to the graphics card directly
[05/12/2012 21:01:19] zethgreen: much faster than phonegap
[05/12/2012 21:01:22] Daniel Stoekl: http://www.teol.lu.se/en/person/TommyWasserman
[05/12/2012 21:01:22] zethgreen: and better touch support
[05/12/2012 21:01:33] Doug Reside: hmmm
[05/12/2012 21:01:46] Doug Reside: Surprised Apple shrugged, but ok
[05/12/2012 21:02:07] zethgreen: there are several apps in itunes already done this way
[05/12/2012 21:02:12] Doug Reside: nice
[05/12/2012 21:02:22] zethgreen: there is a special Python compiler that compiles everything statically
[05/12/2012 21:02:31] Federico Meschini: and it's only for iOS
[05/12/2012 21:02:36] zethgreen: so you basically end up with an inefficient way of writing C
[05/12/2012 21:02:42] Federico Meschini: or you cand develop also android apps?
[05/12/2012 21:02:44] Federico Meschini: in this way
[05/12/2012 21:02:46] zethgreen: no any platform that supports Python
[05/12/2012 21:03:16] zethgreen: So the reason I did this way was to support Android and iOS, if you only want to support Android, you don't need this extra layer
[05/12/2012 21:03:24] zethgreen: you can just do a Python for android app
[05/12/2012 21:03:42] Doug Reside: Does it have to be python
[05/12/2012 21:03:52] Doug Reside: Could it be Ruby or even JavaScript/Node
[05/12/2012 21:04:05] zethgreen: I suppose
[05/12/2012 21:04:20] Doug Reside: But I mean, is there a compiler built for those langs?
[05/12/2012 21:04:25] zethgreen: But all the build scripts are already there for Python
[05/12/2012 21:04:37] zethgreen: I don't know, with Javascript you will probably use phonegap
[05/12/2012 21:04:46] zethgreen: I don't know much about ruby beyond the basics
[05/12/2012 21:04:51] zethgreen: I mostly use Python and JS
[05/12/2012 21:04:51] Doug Reside: I suppose probably not with a name like py-game
[05/12/2012 21:05:08] zethgreen: well there might be a ruby way of talking to graphics cards
[05/12/2012 21:05:14] Doug Reside: The talking directly to the chips sounds nice is the thing (and reason why not phonegap)
[05/12/2012 21:05:35] Doug Reside: Anyway...I suppose there are other folks who are now asleep
[05/12/2012 21:05:47] zethgreen: Yeah phone app development not part of interedition so far
[05/12/2012 21:05:53] Federico Meschini: for now
[05/12/2012 21:05:55] Doug Reside: (sitting down and googling pygame to let the meeting continue)...
[05/12/2012 21:06:03] Federico Meschini: but the app version of the tablet it is
[05/12/2012 21:06:06] RonaldHaentjensDekker: any more ongoing activities?
[05/12/2012 21:06:33] Doug Reside: Just launched this: http://exhibitions.nypl.org/dorothyloudon
[05/12/2012 21:06:39] moz9999: i'm working to expand the query language that was a topic at the bootcamp, but not much to show so far
[05/12/2012 21:06:45] Doug Reside: American actress.. not so exciting to most probably but its there
[05/12/2012 21:07:57] RonaldHaentjensDekker: @doug: the site looks very nice.
[05/12/2012 21:08:03] Doug Reside: Thanks!
[05/12/2012 21:08:36] RonaldHaentjensDekker: @moz9999: interesting. Does the work that you are doing have direct relation to the faust project or is it out of interest?
[05/12/2012 21:09:27] moz9999: well, ideally it would have a very direct relation to the faust project
[05/12/2012 21:09:47] moz9999: so the plan is to have the faust edition based on the text repo as much as possible
[05/12/2012 21:10:11] moz9999: and have a good query language built in the repository
[05/12/2012 21:10:28] Federico Meschini: and publish the edition from there
[05/12/2012 21:10:45] Federico Meschini: so ideally many more editions could be made from the same repo
[05/12/2012 21:10:58] moz9999: and all the graphs/visualisations in the edition would be just queries to the repository
[05/12/2012 21:11:11] moz9999: that a user could also look at and modify
[05/12/2012 21:11:38] moz9999: so i'm looking into integrating a server-side scripting language
[05/12/2012 21:12:03] moz9999: looking at the clojure language atm
[05/12/2012 21:12:10] Gregor Middell: moritz: http://www.infoq.com/news/2012/11/Nashorn-proposal
[05/12/2012 21:12:27] Gregor Middell: (or clojure :))
[05/12/2012 21:12:51] moz9999: but how far all of this will get (in terms of faust integration) remains to be seen of course
[05/12/2012 21:13:20] moz9999: gregor: yeah, also a good candidate of course
[05/12/2012 21:14:02] moz9999: let's see how good performance / memory usage will be
[05/12/2012 21:14:44] RonaldHaentjensDekker: ok if nobody has anything more to share I am going to go ahead and close the meeting
[05/12/2012 21:14:54] Doug Reside: Ok, thanks for moderating
[05/12/2012 21:15:13] moz9999: just a note
[05/12/2012 21:15:18] moz9999: the demo server is down
[05/12/2012 21:15:27] Tara L Andrews: thanks ronald!
[05/12/2012 21:15:32] moz9999: maybe it's not so important, but does anyone know about that
[05/12/2012 21:15:39] Doug Reside: Should we move it to Heroku?
[05/12/2012 21:15:40] Tara L Andrews: (and hey we do talk a lot faster over skype than over irc...)
[05/12/2012 21:15:43] moz9999: it might be handy some time
[05/12/2012 21:16:04] Doug Reside: (free web app hosting. etc.)
[05/12/2012 21:16:13] RonaldHaentjensDekker: who is the current administrator of that server?
[05/12/2012 21:16:15] Tara L Andrews: got to ask troy about the demo server i guess.
[05/12/2012 21:16:35] RonaldHaentjensDekker: might be a good point for the next meeting
[05/12/2012 21:16:43] moz9999: yes
[05/12/2012 21:17:05] RonaldHaentjensDekker: troy wanted to attend the meeting
[05/12/2012 21:17:12] RonaldHaentjensDekker: so maybe he will be there next time
[05/12/2012 21:17:30] Daniel Stoekl: thx ronald
[05/12/2012 21:17:41] RonaldHaentjensDekker: no problem. hope to see you all next time!
[05/12/2012 21:17:48] zethgreen: I will ask him about the demo server anyhow
[05/12/2012 21:17:58] moz9999: thanks ronald!
[05/12/2012 21:17:58] zethgreen: Since I will speak to him before then
[05/12/2012 21:18:13] moz9999: zeth: thanks
[05/12/2012 21:18:47] moz9999: bye everyone, tty next time!
[05/12/2012 21:18:54] zethgreen: Bye
[05/12/2012 21:18:56] Federico Meschini: thx everyone
[05/12/2012 21:19:02] Nick Laiacona: bye thanks!
[05/12/2012 21:19:28] Doug Reside: bye
[05/12/2012 21:19:41] moz9999: bye