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Topic IRC meeting 5 September 1800 UTC (1400 Eastern, 2000 Europe)

  1. interedition
=-=	Topic for #interedition is “IRC meeting 5 September 1800 UTC (1400 Eastern, 2000 Europe)”
=-=	Topic for #interedition was set by gremid!~gremid@campus-extern-net-nat.kulnet.kuleuven.be on Mittwoch, 5. September 2012 11:37:33
_tla	hi marco!
msirtep	hi everyone
msirtep	sorry for being late
reynaert	hi marco
gremid	welcome to your meeting
msirtep	ok, let's start or did you start already?
gremid	(sorry for the pun, most of the other attendants are sitting on a belgium terrace with belgium beer)
flo_	orval rulez.
msirtep	what's going on there?
_tla	we haven't started (except in the sense of starting the beer) so go for it.
_tla	as for what's going on here:
_tla	there is an ESF networking programme, COMSt, who asked for interedition to give a training school on the tools we've developed.
_tla	so a few of us (mostly those who have any clue about right-to-left languages) are doing that.
_tla	i'd have liked to make it into a bigger bootcamp but a) funding was very limited, and b) organization was idiotically chaotic. (we should have been in madrid, for starters.)
daniel______	when and where?
msirtep	ok, the agenda pretty much looks like last meeting, let's take this as the ongoing projects topic
_tla	daniel______: now (well, tomorrow and friday), in leuven.
_tla	this is the meeting website: http://www1.uni-hamburg.de/COMST/meet2-3.html
msirtep	how does hamburg fit in?
daniel______	nice, thx.
_tla	the chair / organizing secretary of COMSt is in hamburg.
msirtep	ah, more on ongoing projects or conferences?
gremid	@msirtep: scribe is showing your tagging tool
msirtep	haven't seen the final version myself
_tla	well, my ongoing project update is that i'm going to finally open the stemmaweb site for business, premiering at the workshop on friday morning.
_tla	so creating / editing stemmata, showing the variant graph and mapping variant relationships for the text tradition uploaded, and analyzing the texts against the stemmata.
flo_	how do you store the overlapping tags?
_tla	it's at http://treeoftexts.arts.kuleuven.be/stemmaweb/ but not guaranteed to be functional until friday.
msirtep	I like the user interface!
flo_	ok, byte offset. got that.
msirtep	character offset!
scribe	http://ntvmr.uni-muenster.de/web/test/tagger
flo_	ah, btw.: i'm quite new to the group. i'm technical lead and project coordinator for http://dare.uni-koeln.de/
msirtep	yeah!
msirtep	now I can port CATMA to opensocial
_tla	daniel______: are you daniel who has been emailing me and joris in the last few days?
daniel______	sorry, yes, the one working on a lectionary database THALES and on a Mishna editio
daniel______	n
reynaert	daniel_____: sorry for being slow in answering if so. btw
NickL	in RL meeting but here to listen
daniel______	slow?
reynaert	(and how come you have 5 trailing underscores? ;-))
daniel______	getting married today
reynaert	daniel: well, I never reacted to your last mail i think(?)
daniel______	true
reynaert	you're *not*! (are you?)
daniel______	yesterday - 11 years ago
reynaert	congrats on that (i hope
msirtep	@flo_ what technology do you use in dare?
reynaert	err.. dear mr chair: is there and official agenda? (Might have missed that.)
reynaert	-d
flo_	drupal as a frame, xeletor as xml server, and lots of xslt, js and some pascal.
msirtep	1. projects 2. dh wrap up, 3. next bootcamps?
reynaert	where's x) funding opportunities then?
msirtep	4. funding opportunites
reynaert	(tnx)
msirtep	what's pascal for?
_rhd	Gregor and I are working on a new release of CollateX
flo_	all the higher level stuff; RT conversion of TEi to JSON for facetted browsing, permalinks w/ svn rev #s etc.
msirtep	you've integrated a svn repo?
_rhd	hi Nick
_rhd	about the Interedition wiki: it turns out Joris deleted the user accounts due to spam
flo_	yep.
msirtep	cool...
_tla	msirtep: also please put #5 on the agenda: who leads the meetings in the coming months?
msirtep	agreed: 5. appointment of next chair
msirtep	so, shall we move on to 2., I think some things have been said last time
msirtep	or more on projects?
_tla	is there any further DH wrap-up?
reynaert	(hm.. yeah that's true, but the wiki should actually notify me of new user account requests, can anybody test this for me?)
_tla	i mean the call for 2013 is out already so it's time to start unwrapping again soon
msirtep	since most of you have seen the tagger troy and I worked on at the DH, I have not that much to add, maybe: I like bootcamps without DH too close
msirtep	it has been more focused without a big conference around
_tla	so that takes us on nicely to #3?
_tla	i've been wondering actually whether this ESTS-attached bootcamp is still going to happen...
msirtep	joris?
reynaert	i had a good DH, have users on my service actually
gremid	right, the next one is at the huygens, right!?
reynaert	the next DH?!
reynaert	the next bootcamp will indeed be at Huygens
reynaert	details will follow soon
reynaert	_rhd is taking care of that
=-=	Mode #interedition +o msirtep by gremid
reynaert	(well, adn me too)
msirtep	do you have a approx. date yet? can't wait to book
reynaert	is checking approx. dates
daniel______	have to go now, have a nice evening
_tla	nice to virtually meet you!
msirtep	bye daniel______
msirtep	ok, shall we move on to funding opportunies? which is closely related to next bootcamps anyway
msirtep	ok, 4. funding opportunies then
flo_	joris seems to be working.
msirtep	I've heard Fotis from the Faust project seemed interested in bootcamps when I met him at the DH2012
gremid	faust probably has not funding for a bootcamp afaik
gremid	but fotis is involved in dariah and textgrif
gremid	s/textgrif/textgrid
msirtep	yes, I understood it would involve textgrid
gremid	but i have not talked to him about that
gremid	yes, textgrid is currently looking into picking up some of the prototypes interedition developed
gremid	collatex being one of them
msirtep	will there be a textgrid UI for collatex?
msirtep	or what's the vision?
gremid	there is a prototypical one in textgrid 2.0
reynaert	okay: 21-24 Nov, The Hague pretty definitely
gremid	and i was contacted by developers of textgrid 3 about the state of the project
msirtep	ah, haven't looked into textgrid for a while
gremid	so it looks like they want to improve the integration as well as looking at juxta for the publishing part
reynaert	I hope to have some information on grants in two weeks
reynaert	these will be *small* though
msirtep	@reynaert: excellent anyway
_rhd	Fotis talked to me at DH
_rhd	he wants to have a developers meeting to improve the integration of CollateX into Textgrid
_rhd	as far as I know that is supposed to happen beginning of next year
msirtep	ok, anyone else with a treasure in reach or should we move on to 5.?
msirtep	5. appointment of the chair for next month
reynaert	reg 4) We're still looking into Mellon!
reynaert	but both Doug, me, and Gertjan have been away and bussy etc
reynaert	but we'll have a more serious update next meeting (and hopefully before actually)
reynaert	Doug and Gertjan couldn't join tonight, but we're working on this next Thursday
reynaert	(now go to 5 :-p)
reynaert	(unless questions/comments of course)
msirtep	5. then, who wants desperately?
_tla	i think we should assign the next 3 or so months if possible
_tla	i'm happy to take any one of the next three
msirtep	_tla for october then
msirtep	cool
gremid	i could take november
msirtep	excellent, december? it's lousy weather anyway
msirtep	as a christmas present?
msirtep	last chance to do anything good this year?
_tla	they're deliberating
_rhd	I am being pressured into doing it
msirtep	ok, cool _rhd for december then
gremid	so he'll do it.
reynaert	I'll take November you lazy bas**
reynaert	(oops. sorry then)
reynaert	I'll do January
_rhd	ok we are covered then
msirtep	ok, any last comments? I would otherwise close the official part and turn of the log
_tla	none from me
msirtep	ok, log turned off