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= Agenda =  
= Agenda =  
# Appointment of (rotating?) meeting chair
# DH2012 Bootcamp Programme
# DH2012 Bootcamp (schedule, agenda)
# Reporting on ongoing tasks
# Tasks Owners, see [[Minutes_OpenIRC_20120321]]
# Status of Interedition Google Group and Mailing List(s)
# Mailing list/ Google Groups/ etc.
# What has been going on in your corner of the OSDC?
# Reports on ongoing development work
= Minutes =
= Minutes =

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  1. DH2012 Bootcamp Programme
  2. Reporting on ongoing tasks
  3. Status of Interedition Google Group and Mailing List(s)
  4. What has been going on in your corner of the OSDC?


Participants: Tara, Joris, Nick, Marco, Moritz, Ronald, Doug, Gregor (meeting chair)

Appointment of (rotating?) meeting chair

Agreed. Chairs for upcoming meetings:

  1. July: Joris
  2. August: Nick
  3. September: Marco

DH2012 Bootcamp (schedule, agenda)

  • Shifted timeframe slighty, now July 15-18th.
  • Marco is the local organizer
  • Topic will be "Collaboration", in all of its forms (e.g. organizational, technical etc.)

Tasks Owners

See Minutes_OpenIRC_20120321 for open tasks. Task owner have been identified for upcoming bootcamps and coordination of site/wiki administration (Task owner: Gregor).

Mailing list/ Google Groups/ etc.

Agreed on using the existing Google Group and merging address lists from all the other options.

Task owners: Tara, Gregor

Reports on ongoing development work

  • Marco: Releasing CATMA v4.0
  • Tara: Regularizer/Relationship Mapper for Stemmatology
  • Ronald: Building repositories to store research data from several projects of the Huygens ING and connect them to each other
  • Moritz: Calculating manuscript datings on the basis of textual identity, difference and other relationships
  • Gregor: Improvements to the text model, including ORM-based persistence and indexing of annotations on the client-side for efficient processing


20:00 <@reynaert> hi all, guess it's time we'd kick this meeting off hm?
20:00 [Users #interedition]
20:00 [@_tla] [@reynaert] [@scribe] [ _rhd] [ ljo] 
20:00 -!- Irssi: #interedition: Total of 5 nicks [3 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 2 normal]
20:00 <@_tla> should we give it a couple of minutes to see if anyone else joins?
20:01 <@reynaert> except that it seems a little odd to me to discuss a bootcamp programm (item 1 agenda) if the local organizer's not here
20:01 <@reynaert> _tla: *nod* think so
20:01 <@reynaert> let's give it another 4-5 mins
20:01 -!- msirtep [~chatzilla@d086000.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #interedition
20:03 <@reynaert> msirtep: hi, was just saying it would be awkward discussing any program without the local organiser being here :)
20:03 < msirtep> hi all
20:03 [Users #interedition]
20:03 [@_tla] [@reynaert] [@scribe] [ _rhd] [ ljo] [ msirtep] 
20:03 -!- Irssi: #interedition: Total of 6 nicks [3 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 3 normal]
20:03 -!- _moz [~moz@] has joined #interedition
20:04 < ljo> .
20:04 <@reynaert> we're giving it until 1805 UTC to see if more will join
20:04 < _moz> hello everyone
20:06 <@reynaert> okay, guess we're complete for this episode, maybe others will join along the line
20:06 <@reynaert> just for the record: I'm chairing this one
20:07 <@reynaert> and to immediately add a point to the agenda
20:07 <@reynaert> did we have a volunteer for the next one?
20:07 < msirtep> i thought nick offered
20:07 < msirtep> for August
20:08 < msirtep> and myself for september
20:08 <@_tla> i think that's right
20:08 <@reynaert> okay, I'll put that in the minutes
20:08 <@reynaert> great, covered until September
20:08 <@_tla> yep it's in the logs that way from last month
20:08 <@reynaert> Okay, moving on: what do we want to say about the bootcamp program?
20:09 <@scribe> Is this the Hamburg bootcamp or the Leuven bootcamp?
20:09 <@_tla> hamburg
20:09 < msirtep> first: how many will be there?
20:09  * _moz raises hand
20:10  * _tla will come a day late
20:10 <@reynaert> I will be there, but only for the last day I'm afraid
20:10 <@reynaert> (and the night before that :))
20:10 < _rhd> I will be there
20:10 <@scribe> I would like to come but have been so busy I haven't even looked at accommodations or travel.
20:11 < ljo> I will be there. Probably arrive Monday.
20:11 <@_tla> _rhd: you mentioned in may that some of your colleagues wanted to come too?
20:11 <@reynaert> scribe: travel is just any train up, isn't it? accomodation might be harder
20:11 < msirtep> oh I think we have plenty of accomodation here in hamburg
20:12 < msirtep> did we get any applications by email?
20:12 <@reynaert> msirtep: I think only that one by Susan Brown
20:12 < _rhd> @tla: yeah Gertjan, and another programmer will be there
20:12 <@scribe> reynaert, yes, I think Hamburg is near by :)
20:13 <@scribe> Our proposal was denied by CLARIN/DARIAH
20:13 <@scribe> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1prlubf8nYuTCY7HR_uqWRA3bbxBi4WJjQ3trdQVg5R0/edit
20:13 <@reynaert> msirtep: oh and Adam Dudzack informed, but didn't get back tome
20:13 <@scribe> so we're not presenting in Hamburg
20:14 <@reynaert> and Andrea Scotti might be there, but his communication was as he his: enthusiastic but chaotically unclear
20:14 <@scribe> this bootcamp is self-funded, yes?
20:14 <@reynaert> scribe: afraid so, yes
20:14 < msirtep> mmh I heard the catering is sponsored by the dh
20:15 < msirtep> so I there will be plenty to eat...
20:15 <@scribe> reynaert, no probs.  I'm definitely willing.  Plus, I want to see Hamburg!
20:15 <@_tla> the catering for the bootcamp?
20:15 < msirtep> yep
20:15 <@_tla> nice. :)
20:15 <@scribe> cool, free food.
20:15 < _rhd> thats nice
20:15 < ljo> Great
20:15 <@reynaert> Excellent, well done DH :)
20:16 < msirtep> I'll report that back
20:16 <@reynaert> so a rough head count migh be anywhere between 8 and 12 I think?
20:16 < msirtep> so we're about 10 participants more or less
20:16 <@reynaert> *nod* think so
20:17 <@reynaert> Doug will also likely be there
20:17 < msirtep> oh yes and Alex Czmiel
20:17 < msirtep> well he wasn't sure
20:18 <@reynaert> *nod* but definitely 10(+) then, fair enough certainly for an unsponsored one (except for food ;-))
20:18 <@reynaert> do we want to list anything on the program on the wiki/site?
20:19 <@reynaert> I think it would be basically just day 1: hack, day 2: hack, day 3: hack/present?
20:19 <@scribe> :)
20:19 < ljo> Location, start stop etc also
20:19 <@scribe> yeah, all the details at a single URL are nice.
20:19 <@reynaert> I think it would be useful to have some 'open space' for presentations, is for some this may be a requirement to argue their participation
20:19 <@_tla> well, day 1 introduce / talk a bit / hack
20:20 <@_tla> so that collaborators can find each other.
20:20 <@reynaert> *nod*
20:20 <@reynaert> okay: d1:talk/connect/hack, d2:hack, d3:hack/present
20:20 <@reynaert> agreed?
20:21 <@reynaert> (If so, I will put it on the site/wiki - including a note about catering :))
20:21 < _rhd> ok
20:21 < _moz> which are the days?
20:21 <@reynaert> msirtep: time? location?
20:22 < _moz> in your mail, it said 15-18
20:22 < _moz> that makes four days by my count
20:22 <@reynaert> _moz: quite right
20:22 < msirtep> yes 4 is what i thought
20:22 <@reynaert> so: d1:talk/connect/hack, d2:hack, d3:hack, d4:hack//present
20:23 < msirtep> :-)
20:23 < _moz> alright
20:24 < msirtep> Should we start late on Sunday? I guess people will arrive late but maybe event too late for a late start
20:24 < msirtep> Is anyone arriving on Saturday?
20:24 < _moz> i might be
20:25 < msirtep> that's pair programming
20:25 < _moz> :)
20:25 < _moz> not sure yet, i'll send you a note
20:26 <@reynaert> okay.. so Sunday late is the official start?
20:26 < msirtep> yes, let's say 15:00 ??
20:26 <@reynaert> okay
20:27 <@reynaert> and the location will be indicated at the DH venue?
20:28 < msirtep> I will put that information on the interedition wiki. I got a room number but want to check back
20:28 < msirtep> and a post on the dh-site
20:28 <@reynaert> sure okay, I'll leave a place holder for that
20:28 <@reynaert> post on dh-site: +1!
20:29 <@_tla> and possibly even a tweet or two? :)
20:29 <@reynaert> *nod*
20:29 <@reynaert> noted
20:30 < msirtep> yes
20:30 <@reynaert> anymore on the program then?
20:30  * reynaert kind of trying to watch the tim too :)
20:31 < msirtep> I think we can sort that out on that Sunday people who arrive late
20:31 < msirtep> I mean later than Sunday,
20:31 <@reynaert> *nod*, agreed
20:31 < msirtep> should send their topics to me by mail
20:32 <@reynaert> I'll list that clearly too, but I estimate most will bring their topics in on the day itself
20:32 <@reynaert> okay, moving on in that case
20:32 <@reynaert> any reporting on ongoing tasks?
20:33 <@reynaert> Gregor's not here, but he did in fact a bit of Wiki gardening
20:33 <@reynaert> as did with respect to spam, which seemed to have finally solved that problem
20:33 <@reynaert> as for the ESTS bootcamp: _rhd and me will only start in August/September activities on that
20:34 <@reynaert> (I'm guessing nobody has interesting leads to follow up funding? :-p)
20:35 <@_tla> if only
20:35 <@reynaert> _tla: then it's up to you regarding the mailing lists etc.
20:35 <@scribe> _moz, thanks for starting up stuff on http://dev.interedition.eu/ for the annotation fragment-context link, but it seems it doesn't start again on reboot.  Can we get something added to /etc/init.d and in /etc/rc3.d for that?
20:36 <@_tla> right, so really just an interim report
20:36 <@scribe> (sorry for posting late to reynaert's call for 'ongoing tasks'.
20:36 <@_tla> we're trying to get google to turn our apps domain into an "apps for education" domain
20:36 <@_tla> which is possibly hitting a little bit of dutch bureaucracy
20:37 <@_tla> but in the meantime we're using the apps domain as is for static mailing lists.
20:37 <@_tla> but they're the sort of lists you can't subscribe yourself to - what we really want is a google groups mailing list.
20:37 < _moz> scribe: that was msirtep who started it; but i can add it to the startup
20:37 <@reynaert> (that's okay scribe, a bit of asynchronous chat keeps it lively :))
20:37 <@_tla> so, maybe next month that will be sorted out.
20:37 < msirtep> the jetty is not in init.d, that's the problem
20:38 <@_tla> at which point we will be able to have whatever mailing lists / groups we want.
20:38 <@_tla> (the end)
20:39 <@reynaert> _rhd: Google wants us to connect through Surfnet/Surfconext through Royal Academy level (I&A, HQ)
20:39 <@reynaert> _rhd: I take it you agree that will be a hilariously impossible bureaucratic no go?
20:40 < _rhd> We already use surfconext in one project
20:40 < _rhd> we have connections with I&A
20:40 <@_tla> i wrote back to the google contact saying this was no go in my estimation, but she is on holiday until the end of next week.
20:40 < _rhd> its not easy, but it can be done
20:40 <@_tla> _rhd: they point is that they want knaw to centrally administer a knaw google apps domain, then delegate some subdomain to us
20:40 <@_tla> or maybe administer the subdomain for us
20:41 <@_tla> but we already *have* a domain, and it has to be administrable by people who aren't attached to knaw.
20:41 <@_tla> i think we can all agree we don't want to move to interedition.google.knaw.nl or some such
20:42 < _rhd> ok
20:43 <@scribe> )
20:43 < _rhd> we have to talk about the details some time
20:43 < ljo> Yes, that is unwanted
20:43 <@reynaert> ok, so I guess that is only the plan B then (interedition.google.knaw.nl), and we try to get Google to help us to apps on interedition.eu
20:44 <@reynaert> that wraps it up for item 3 on the agenda then, if no one objects
20:45 <@_tla> in my opinion the plan B is to keep it as is, with mailing list that only admins can change, and only up to 10 admins possible
20:45 < _rhd> maybe Joris and I can talk in person about all of this
20:45 <@_tla> unless knaw/surf come back with a better proposal.
20:45 <@_tla> _rhd: i am working my internal google connections on this too
20:45 <@_tla> so i don't think this will be our only option.
20:46 < _rhd> I see
20:46 < _rhd> not all knaw hosted websites have to at knaw.nl
20:46 < _rhd> surf connexts is only about single logon
20:46 <@_tla> true but this is more than a website, it's a google apps domain
20:46 <@_tla> which they don't even have one of yet.
20:47 <@_tla> anyway yeah this can all be discussed later
20:47 <@reynaert> okay, so we'll leave it that then - tnx to _tla for the update
20:48 <@reynaert> which leave the *other* item 3 on the agenda…
20:48 <@reynaert> What has been going on in your corner of the OSDC?
20:48 <@reynaert> Feel free to discuss any work you'd like to share or comment
20:48 <@reynaert> As for me: I'm finishing my stylistics service in true Interedition fashion
20:49 <@reynaert> I'll present on it on DH2012 (Thursday)
20:49 <@reynaert> unfortunately I won't make it to deploy it on a serer, so that'll have to wait until August
20:49 <@reynaert> but it will be available on Github soon
20:50 < _rhd> Bram and I have been working on a new version of CollateX, which aims to collate  complete chapters against each other with high quality
20:50 <@reynaert> *nice*
20:51 < ljo> *For sure*
20:52 < _rhd> So one of the things I want to do at the bootcamp is discuss and test this version with you guys and prepare a new release if everything turns out ok
20:52 < msirtep> CATMA 4 is in the test phase, we find lots of interesting bugs
20:52 <@scribe> We're improving our image management gadget-- which facilitates assembling a 'document' and 'pages' with images for each page-- with all sorts of handy tools, for dragging and dropping images from a local data store, pattern matching image names with regular expressions, slurping remote image URLs off web pages, browsing images from an Alfresco (or other CMS supporting CMIS) repository.
20:52 < ljo> I work on the exist-db integration, but will be on holiday as much as possible until 14th. Present on dh-friday
20:53 <@scribe> _rhd, great.  the people here are already very happy with collatex' output!
20:53 <@_tla> i'm frantically working on the stemmaweb tools and analysis, also presenting on the friday of DH
20:53 < _moz> i'm working on a magical manuscript-dating idea that will be presented on thursday
20:53 <@_tla> i was able to get some budget for contract programming work, and they have doubled the performance speed of my DB and they are nearly done giving me user login support.
20:53 <@scribe> _moz, cool.
20:54 <@_tla> and the nice thing about the latter is that it's going open source, so i'll be able to use it in any other web applications i make (in perl of course.)
20:56 <@scribe> I'm excited to get together and hear about all this stuff in person!  I miss you guys! (gender-specifics not intended)
20:56 <@scribe> too few geeks around here.
20:56 <@_tla> aww :)
20:56 <@reynaert> (just a note that I will close the official part of this meeting in 2 minutes.)
20:57 <@reynaert> (so if you want anything listed in the minutes.. better say it now :))
20:57 <@reynaert> (otherwise: thanks for attending and see you all in Hamburg)
20:57 < _moz> i'm also excited to see all of you again
20:57 < _moz> note that down reynaert
20:57 < _moz> :)
20:57 < ljo> Good, I really need to go at 21CEST
20:58 <@reynaert> _moz: that made it in the *nick* of time
20:58 <@reynaert> meeting closed guys and girl! Tnx
20:58 < ljo> See you there, looking forward to it.
20:58 < _rhd> looking forward to it
20:59 < msirtep> you're all very welcome!