Leuven2012 Proceedings

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(up to the Leuven 2012 master page)



Tools we would like to see

  • Linked data and/or annotation & tagging ( Discussion notes )
    • Automatically generate OAC annotations from TEI source [ Asaf, Dirk ]
    • Automatically extract RDF triples from a TEI doc based on some input model [ Thomas, Alan, Anna ]
    • Annotating client for the system [ Marco, Jim ]
    • Annotation-aware browser client for the system [ Moritz, Jim ]
    • (Bridge between OAC annotations and any other sort of commenting thingy on the web)
    • (Citable queries)
  • Corpus & comparative analysis ( Discussion page )
    • Regularization tool, with several use cases: [ Zeth et al. ]
      • Categorize / collapse variants in an apparatus, put that in a service for consistent application, user attributable
      • Linking / sorting search results, how do you save those decisions?
  • Corpus & comparative analysis, II
    • Web tool for computing ngrams and statistics thereon [ Russell, Maria, Henry ]
  • Stemmatology
    • tool for annotation of collation results (in preparation for stemmatic analysis) [ Doug, but work with Zeth et al? ]
    • tool for running phylogenetic analysis of collated text [Armin]
    • tool for analyzing scholar-provided stemma hypotheses [Tara]
    • updated user interface for collation [Doug]

Technologies / languages we are comfortable with

  • Java: Armin, Maria, Jim, Marco, Troy, Moritz, Anna, Xiaohan
  • Javascript: Doug, Alan, Armin, Russell, Maria, Jim, Troy, Zeth, Moritz, Anna, Xiaohan, Thomas
  • JQuery: Doug, Russell, Troy, Zeth, Xiaohan
  • Python: Alan, Russell, Tara, Henry, Zeth, Moritz, Anna, Xiaohan, Thomas
  • Perl: Tara, Russell, Dirk, Zeth
  • PHP: Alan, Armin, Doug, Russell, Maria, Jeff
  • Ruby: Marco, Zeth, Asaf, Doug--
  • C#: Maria, Henry
  • C: Henry, Jim, Zeth, Asaf
  • C++: Maria, Jim
  • VB: Henry
  • ASP.net: Henry
  • XSLT: Dirk, Moritz, Anna