Leuven2012 Participant travel

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This is a page meant to keep track of who arrives when, and who is staying where, so that participants can find each other once they arrive in town.

Arrival / departure

  • [Name: when you arrive]
  • Jeffrey C. Witt: Arriving in Brussels on Wednesday at 7:55am. Hoping to get to Leuven between 8:30am and 9pm
  • Russell Horton: Arriving in Leuven the morning of the 11th, either by car or train.
  • Christof Schöch: Coming to the venue on Wednesday morning.
  • Thomas Crombez: Coming to the venue on Wednesday morning.
  • Alan Stanley. Arriving in Brussels on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Neven Jovanovic: I'll be in Brussels on Tuesday 10 Jan, c. 19:10, hopefully.
  • Asaf Bartov: Arriving at Leuven Tuesday Jan 10th noonish.


  • La Royale:
    • Neven Jovanovic
  • Condo Gardens:
    • Jeffrey C. Witt
  • Hotel New Damshire:
    • Alan Stanley
  • ETAP Leuven:
    • Asaf Bartov