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Auto-suggested OAC Annotations for TEI

  • Thu., Jan 12
    • Caching Geonames list of cities with more than 15,000 population (~26000 items)
    • Given a list of names, looks them up in Geonames, and automatically generates an unconstrained OAC annotation with data about that city.
  • Fri., Jan 13
    • Made the geoname annotation creation a callable service, given input from Dirk's Distiller
    • Minor changes to OAC server to support Moritz's and Jim's work
    • refactored constraints to be generic -- constraint type and constraint blob.
    • Worked on rendering of TEI files with XPath-constrained annotations into HTML


  • Thu., Jan 12
    • We'll be extracting rdf relationships from tei encoded pages using xslt's. We've built a Drupal framework for demoing, but the transformations will be implementable in any language. We have some trivial example working now, details to be filled in over the next few days.
    • We've continued work on our data models. focusing on the header. Progress is being made with منتخب صوان الحكمة
  • Fri., Jan 13
    • Working on developing the XSLT knocked together yesterday, to pick out more of the useful TEI elements. Also have taken a sample TEI file (very simple and short version of منتخب صوان الحكمة) and specified the target output for the transform.
    • Next stage [after lunch] is to adapt the XSLT to produce the target output. Also, rather than concentrate on one TEI file produced by one person, we will look at customised TEI schemas. There is a TEI schema called "absolute-bare-bones" which is as minimal as TEI gets. Ideally our transform would be able to produce RDF for this schema.
    • End of day: XSLT from yesterday is very close to generating the target output from the test TEI file - it can extract all the information in the teiHeader to be stored as info about the document, using Dublin Core ontology, and the majority of information on resources within the document. Now we are looking at fully mapping a small subset of TEI to RDF equivalents. The subset is TEI-Bare[1], which is the minimal necessary subset of TEI. A demonstrative TEI-Bare test file has been generated. For tomorrow: finish XSLT of original test document, specify target output for TEI-Bare elements and run on test file (also look for other TEI-Bare files to test on, for demo).

Annotating Client

  • Thu., Jan. 12th
    • defining functional requirements
    • tests on how to achieve a pure client side javascript based solution
    • started implementing display of target resource
    • started implementing client/server interaction
    • fetching annotations
  • Fri., Jan. 13th
    • Render/Create annotations within the GWT client (Marco)

Collation Interface

  • Thu., Jan 12
    • Toying with new front-end interface for CollateX. -- Doug
    • End of day-- Wasted much time looking for good JS-only version of FileUpload from form. Going with PHP now.

JS Exhibit