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Auto-suggested OAC Annotations for TEI

  • Thu., Jan 12
    • Caching Geonames list of cities with more than 15,000 population (~26000 items)
    • Given a list of names, looks them up in Geonames, and automatically generates an unconstrained OAC annotation with data about that city.
  • Fri., Jan 13
    • Made the geoname annotation creation a callable service, given input from Dirk's Distiller
    • Minor changes to OAC server to support Moritz's and Jim's work
    • Rendering of TEI files with XPath-constrained annotations into HTML


  • Thu., Jan 12
    • We'll be extracting rdf relationships from tei encoded pages using xslt's. We've built a Drupal framework for demoing, but the transformations will be implementable in any language. We have some trivial example working now, details to be filled in over the next few days.
    • We've continued work on our data models. focusing on the header. Progress is being made with منتخب صوان الحكمة
  • Fri., Jan 13
    • Working on developing the XSLT knocked together yesterday, to pick out more of the useful TEI elements. Also have taken a sample TEI file (very simple and short version of منتخب صوان الحكمة) and specified the target output for the transform.
    • Next stage [after lunch] is to adapt the XSLT to produce the target output. Also, rather than concentrate on one TEI file produced by one person, we will look at customised TEI schemas. There is a TEI schema called "absolute-bare-bones" which is as minimal as TEI gets. Ideally our transform would be able to produce RDF for this schema.

Annotating Client

  • Thu., Jan. 12th
    • defining functional requirements
    • tests on how to achieve a pure client side javascript based solution
    • started implementing display of target resource
    • started implementing client/server interaction
    • fetching annotations

Collation Interface

  • Thu., Jan 12
    • Toying with new front-end interface for CollateX. -- Doug
    • End of day-- Wasted much time looking for good JS-only version of FileUpload from form. Going with PHP now.