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Interedition was invited by COMSt (Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies, an ESF Research Networking Action) to give a training school at the September 2012 meeting. The idea was to show some of the tools on which Interedition has collaborated over the four years of its tenure as a COST action, in a hands-on tutorial environment.

Presenters were Joris van Zundert, Gregor Middell, Troy Griffitts, Tara Andrews, and Florian Willems. The training school was organised into three sessions over Thursday evening and Friday morning, and the presenters outlined an approach to the task of digital editing and displayed various tools and resources that are (or soon will be) available for the purpose.

Session 1: transcription and collation

Session 2: analysis of textual data, large-scale workflows

Session 3: needs and desiderata for publication