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Thank you very much in advance for filling out this questionaire, it will help us enormously to inform our now and future funders of the usefullness of our bootcamp model

1. Please state your affiliation

Project Ben-Yehuda (a Hebrew public domain digital library, cf. Project Gutenberg)

I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, but do not represent it at Interedition.

Earlier, I had represented the National Library of Israel, with which I was a consultant.

2. What value did you get from attending the bootcamp, what were your coding results?

I had some good collaboration on implementing a full open annotation scenario.

I designed an implementation plan for the full scenario, which includes:

  1. a RESTful server implementing the Open Annotation Collaboration model
  2. a constraint creation and verification service
  3. a WYSIWYG annotating client
  4. an annotated text browsing client

I undertook to create the server (#1), but ended up also taking a stab at the annotated text renderer (#4) as Joaquin and Cesar had to leave early.

By the end of the bootcamp, we had everything working except for the annotating client, which was not quite finished. Nevertheless, it was enough to demonstrate the full flow (details in the linked presentation).

3. Please provide links (if available) to...

a) On line sources (sourceforge, github etc.)

  • The OAC server and the annotated text browser are available on GitHub
  • The constraint creation and verification service (by Moritz Wissenbach and Marco Petris) is on GitHub
  • The (incomplete) annotating client (by Grant Dickie) is on GitHub
 b) On line documentation  
 c) Project web sites  

A temporary deployment server was generously provided by Nick Laiacona, at

It will be taken down soon, pending a more permanent host for this annotation work, on a proper Interedition (virtual) server.

4. Successful integrations...

 a) Who did you work/develop with during the bootcamp? 
  • Marco Petris
  • Moritz Wissenbach
  • Grant Dickie
  • Federico Meschini
  • Joaquin Gayoso Cabada
  • Cesar Ruiz

Nick Laiacona and Doug Reside also helped in some specific areas.

 b) What code or knowledge did you reuse? 

5. Any recommendations for future bootcamps?