Wendell Piez Wuerzburg2011

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Thank you very much in advance for filling out this questionaire, it will help us enormously to inform our now and future funders of the usefullness of our bootcamp model

1. Please state your affiliation

Mulberry Technologies, Inc.

2. What value did you get from attending the bootcamp, what were your coding results?

Although I did have a project for the bootcamp, my primary purpose in coming was so that I could share ideas and knowhow, meet other participants, and understand better the trends and state of the art in the development of technologies in this area.

I accomplished these goals, and my own project came out well, so I am very satisfied. (See below on the project.)

3. Please provide links (if available) to...

 a) On line sources (sourceforge, github etc.)  
 b) On line documentation  
 c) Project web sites  

(NOTE: These need not actually be sources resulting from the bootcamp only, it can also be sources of software you demoed or talked about during the bootcamp.)

My project was a prototype implementation of XSLT 2.0 running on the browser, using Michael Kay's SaxonCE Javascript-based XSLT processor in Firefox (see http://saxonica.com/ce/doc/contents.html). It had two purposes: (1) demonstrate the use of XSLT 2.0 to handle several difficult transformations demanded by three different forms of TEI P5 markup describing overlapping structures (a famously difficult set of problems in XML), and (2) using the SaxonCE features to provide dynamic functionalities in the browser using XSLT.

I was successful in both of these aims, and I expect to have the entire demonstration on line in a few days. (I can edit this page again to update with a link; if I fail to do this please try finding it by searching, for example, for "SaxonCE TEI overlap Piez" or some other combination of keywords.)

In addition, with several members of the bootcamp, I shared a demonstration shown here (in connection with my Digital Humanities 2010 paper): http://www.piez.org/wendell/papers/dh2010/clix-sonnets/index.html. In this case, it wasn't the code per se that was interesting, but the functionality it showed, processing markup describing overlap in a pipeline, and visualizing overlapping ranges in a document concurrently.

4. Successful integrations...

 a) Who did you work/develop with during the bootcamp? 
 b) What code or knowledge did you reuse? 

Mostly I was working solo, but I had fruitful interactions with Gregor Middell, Nick Laiacona, Patrick Cuba, Moritz Wissenbach, and Doug Reside, among others. (And I enjoyed everyone's company.)

5. Any recommendations for future bootcamps?

1. More of the same!