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Armin Hoenen, hoenen AT em DOT uni-frankfurt D0T de

Supervisor: Prof.Dr.A.Mehler

Department of Texttechnology

Goethe University Frankfurt


2 projects

1. Hugo von Hofmannsthal (Austrian Writer *1874 +1929)

  • long term goal: digital representation of the Hugo von Hofmannsthal oeuvre in the eHumanitiesDesktop, a collaboratively developped tool for computing in the Humanities based on the Ext.js framework (

2. Zoroastrian Avestan and Old Georgian Gospel Manuscript Corpora Analysis:

  • long term goal: development of a tool for the evaluation of (automatically produced) stemmata
  • simulation of a copy process


  • Armin Hoenen from Frankfurt, Zoroastrian texts, new critical edition of those, using TEI tagging; also Hugo von Hofmannsthal (ExtJS, JavaScript-based desktop-like environment accessible on the Web)

prospective Tools

  • digital representation for Hofmannsthal oeuvre
  • Stemmatology Explorer