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Christof Schöch French literature background, working on digital infrastructure for humanities scholars (DARIAH), interested in connecting TextGrid TEIs to Voyeur; using lightly marked up TEI .

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What am I working on?

  • DARIAH project; my part in it: understanding how humanities scholars work, find tools and methods supporting their work, convince them to use such tools, teach them how to use such tools.
  • Working on plans to connect the Textgrid repository, a collection of about 400MB of text encoded in TEI, with the Voyeur/Voyant online tools; as part of DARIAH.
  • Working also on a little very simple tool for publishing TEI texts inside a Drupal site, called TEICHI, but only on the conceptional side

What do I hope to achieve?

  • I am not a programmer, so I do not really expect achieve much writing of code
  • But I hope to bring in some ideas about what scholars need

What tools do I know or use?

  • User of Voyeur/Voyant and Mandala Browser
  • Testing of CATMA, Delta Script for R
  • Generally, trying to learn R

What sort of text analysis am I interested in?

  • Analysis of lightly encoded texts (for instance, using bibliographic metadata, a bit of text structure, or place and persons names)
  • Analysis of texts for literary structures, e.g. automatically identify passages of text according to their text type, such as narrative, descriptive, dialogue, argumentative types.

How do I envision tools working together for this?

  • need to manage a close relation between tools for enriching texts (e.g. lemmatizer, named entity recognition) and tools using those enrichments.
  • Martin Mueller, "encoding for decoding"