Nick Laiacona Wuerzburg2011

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1. Please state your affiliation

Chief Technologist, Performant Software Solutions. Our clients include several important Digital Humanities projects in the USA.

2. What value did you get from attending the bootcamp, what were your coding results?

This week was a deep dive into the processing and visualization of marked text. We explored many fundamental issues in displaying and editing markup and annotations.

3. Please provide links (if available) to...

 a) On line sources (sourceforge, github etc.)  

A prototype for a text editor that could make overlapping annotations both explicit and modifiable:

 b) On line documentation  
 c) Project web sites  

(NOTE: These need not actually be sources resulting from the bootcamp only, it can also be sources of software you demoed or talked about during the bootcamp.)

4. Successful integrations...

 a) Who did you work/develop with during the bootcamp? 

Patrica Cuba, Gregor Middell, and Bram Buitendijk.

 b) What code or knowledge did you reuse? 

Reused the Interedition Text Repository.

5. Any recommendations for future bootcamps?

I would like to continue to explore what we can do with the Interedition Text Repo. I think a few more days would allow us to build a fairly interesting tool for editing, annotating and track changes to text containing overlapping, deep markup.