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  1. Appointment of (rotating?) meeting chair
  2. DH2012 Bootcamp (schedule, agenda)
  3. Tasks Owners, see Minutes_OpenIRC_20120321
  4. Mailing list/ Google Groups/ etc.
  5. Reports on ongoing development work


Participants: Tara, Joris, Nick, Marco, Moritz, Ronald, Doug, Gregor (meeting chair)

Appointment of (rotating?) meeting chair

Agreed. Chairs for upcoming meetings:

  1. July: Joris
  2. August: Nick
  3. September: Marco

DH2012 Bootcamp (schedule, agenda)

  • Shifted timeframe slighty, now July 15-18th.
  • Marco is the local organizer
  • Topic will be "Collaboration", in all of its forms (e.g. organizational, technical etc.)

Tasks Owners

See Minutes_OpenIRC_20120321 for open tasks. Task owner have been identified for upcoming bootcamps and coordination of site/wiki administration (Task owner: Gregor).

Mailing list/ Google Groups/ etc.

Agreed on using the existing Google Group and merging address lists from all the other options.

Task owners: Tara, Gregor

Reports on ongoing development work

  • Marco: Releasing CATMA v4.0
  • Tara: Regularizer/Relationship Mapper for Stemmatology
  • Ronald: Building repositories to store research data from several projects of the Huygens ING and connect them to each other
  • Moritz: Calculating manuscript datings on the basis of textual identity, difference and other relationships
  • Gregor: Improvements to the text model, including ORM-based persistence and indexing of annotations on the client-side for efficient processing


--- Log opened Wed Jun 06 19:56:59 2012
19:56 -!- Irssi: Log file interedition_120606 opened
20:00 [Users #interedition]
20:00 [@_tla] [@gremid] [@reynaert] [ _moz] [ msirtep] 
20:00 -!- Irssi: #interedition: Total of 5 nicks [3 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 2 normal]
20:00 #interedition: <@_tla> hi gregor
20:00 #interedition: <@gremid> should be 6pm UTC, right?
20:00 #interedition: <@_tla> yep
20:00 #interedition: <@gremid> hi moritz, hi marco!
20:00 #interedition: < msirtep> hi guys
20:00 #interedition: < msirtep> how are things going?
20:01 #interedition: <@gremid> i am fine, thanks, you?
20:01 #interedition: < _moz> hi everyone!
20:01 #interedition: < msirtep> fine as well
20:01 #interedition: < msirtep> about to release catma 4...
20:02 #interedition: <@gremid> in time for dh2012?
20:03 #interedition: < msirtep> I think so, need to do some visualizations and some collaboration stuff like sharing
20:03 #interedition: < _moz> "share on facebook"
20:04 #interedition: < msirtep> :-)
20:04 #interedition:  * _tla considers a "share on linkedin and share yoru password too" joke
20:04 #interedition: < _moz> hehe
20:04 -!- nick__ [~nick@66-207-95-23.cho.dmt.ntelos.net] has joined #interedition
20:05 #interedition: <@gremid> hi nick__ !
20:05 #interedition: < msirtep> no but serious, chris is already bugging me with his concerns about legal issues
20:05 #interedition: < nick__> hi all
20:05 #interedition: < _moz> hi nick__
20:05 #interedition: < nick__> hey Gregor
20:06 #interedition: <@gremid> we are just waiting another 5 min i would suggest, marco was just talking about releasing catma 4 in time for dh2012
20:06 #interedition: <@gremid> dana was presenting juxta at dhsi? (that's at least what twitter said. ;) )
20:07 #interedition: < nick__> yes, I believe she is
20:09 #interedition: < msirtep> will you all be at the DH? I know about Gregor and Moritz
20:09 #interedition: <@_tla> i will
20:09 #interedition: <@_tla> ronald mentioned at the last meeting that he has a few devs who want to attend this bootcamp so i suspect he will as well :)
20:09 #interedition: < nick__> I will not be there.. bummed to miss bootcamp
20:09 #interedition: < nick__> I will be at MLA in Boston next Jan
20:10 #interedition: < nick__> we're going to have a booth :)
20:10 #interedition: < nick__> for Performant Software
20:10 #interedition: <@gremid> nick__: great; will meet you there then. :-)
20:11 #interedition: < msirtep> cool :-) never been to boston maybe jan 2013
20:11 #interedition: < nick__> hmm maybe a bootcamp if we have a number of us there
20:11 #interedition:  * _tla is always happy for an excuse to be in boston
20:12 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, let's start? reynaert: are you there?
20:14 #interedition:  * _tla poked reynaert by txt but hasn't heard back
20:14 -!- nick__ [~nick@66-207-95-23.cho.dmt.ntelos.net] has quit [Quit: nick__]
20:15 -!- nick__ [~nick@66-207-95-23.cho.dmt.ntelos.net] has joined #interedition
20:16 -!- _rhd [~Ronald@5ED2B68D.cm-7-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has joined #interedition
20:16 #interedition: <@gremid> hi ronald
20:17 #interedition: < _rhd> hi
20:17 #interedition: <@gremid> what do you think? should we wait some more or start?
20:17 #interedition: < _rhd> Leif sent me a message that he is not able to attend
20:18 #interedition: <@_tla> we may as well start
20:18 #interedition: < _rhd> I think we can start
20:18 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, starting with the first point on the agenda ...
20:18 #interedition: <@gremid> TOP #1: Appointment of (rotating?) meeting chair
20:19 #interedition: <@gremid> _tla?
20:19 -!- nick__ is now known as nick_performant
20:19 #interedition: <@_tla> right
20:19 #interedition: <@_tla> so the background is that we remembered about the last meeting in a hurry, and i ended up leading it mostly because reynaert was out of town
20:20 #interedition: <@_tla> and then gregor volunteered to email everyone for this month
20:20 #interedition: <@_tla> and i thought "hey that's a nice idea, if at each meeting we just nominate someone to organize the next one."
20:20 #interedition: <@_tla> so if you guys also think it's a good idea, we can do that, and we need a victim^Wvolunteer for next month.
20:20 #interedition: < msirtep> ah I see
20:21 #interedition: <@gremid> +1 :-)
20:21 #interedition: <@_tla> it involves:
20:21 #interedition: <@_tla> 1) sending a reminder email a few days in advance
20:21 #interedition: <@_tla> 2) collecting agenda items
20:21 #interedition: <@_tla> 3) running the meeting
20:21 #interedition: <@_tla> 4) posting chat log + minutes on the wiki
20:21 #interedition: < _moz> +1
20:21 #interedition:  * gremid checks the chat log setting of his client
20:22 #interedition: <@reynaert> hi all
20:22 #interedition:  * _tla is logging even if you aren't :)
20:22 #interedition: <@reynaert> sorry to be late to the party
20:22 #interedition: <@reynaert> inlaws drpped by
20:23 #interedition: < nick_performant> I think a rotating basis is a good idea, if nobody wishes to nominate themselves for this job
20:23 #interedition: <@gremid> reynaert: hi, we are at TOP #1: "Appointment of (rotating?) meeting chair"
20:23 #interedition: < nick_performant> clearly it is a necessary function
20:24 #interedition: <@gremid> anybody against a rotating chair?
20:24 #interedition: < nick_performant> I'd be happy to do the Aug. meeting if someone wishes to volunteer for July.. the July meeting falls on a holiday here in US
20:25 #interedition: <@reynaert> same goes for me: i'llbe on holiday in july
20:25 #interedition: <@gremid> great, thanks nick. anybody volunteering for july?
20:26 #interedition: < msirtep> I would do september, that july date is difficult
20:26 #interedition: < _moz> i'll be returning from vacation only 1 day before the july meeting
20:26 #interedition:  * _tla is also travelling in july
20:26 #interedition: <@_tla> that week imean
20:26 #interedition: <@_tla> so, hm, sounds like maybe we should skip july altogether? and reconvene in august?
20:27 #interedition: < msirtep> I mean some of us will see each other at the bootcamp anyway
20:27 #interedition: < nick_performant> perhaps the bootcampers could have a meeting .. is that in July?
20:27 #interedition: < msirtep> yep
20:27 #interedition: <@gremid> i could do july
20:28 #interedition: <@gremid> and will lean back than for some time. ;)
20:28 #interedition: <@reynaert> actually: what day# in july is that?
20:28 #interedition: < nick_performant> ok then - I will do aug.
20:28 #interedition: < nick_performant> July 4th
20:29 #interedition: <@gremid> ok. so july: gregor, aug: nick, sep. marco
20:29 #interedition: <@reynaert> oh wait, i'm an ass, i *can* do july
20:29 #interedition: <@reynaert> only gone july 7th
20:29 #interedition: <@reynaert> i'll dipo july then
20:30 #interedition: <@reynaert> seems to be going to be a calm one anyeay :-b
20:30 #interedition: <@gremid> so reynaert in july, thanks everybody
20:30 #interedition: <@gremid> should we move on?
20:30 #interedition: <@gremid> (sorry to be pushing, had a 3 hour telco yesterday)
20:31 #interedition: <@_tla> push away :)
20:31 #interedition: < nick_performant> no problem :)
20:31 #interedition: <@gremid> ok: maybe we got for TOP #4: Mailing list/ Google Groups/ etc.
20:31 #interedition: <@gremid> might be a short one
20:31 #interedition: <@gremid> s/got/go
20:32 #interedition: <@gremid> basic problem is: we have different mailing lists running
20:32 #interedition: < msirtep> which ones do we have?
20:32 #interedition: <@gremid> 1) all@interedition.eu, 2) a google group, 3) a CSV list compiled by reynaert
20:32 #interedition: <@gremid> 4) i offered to host a mailman-based list
20:32 #interedition: <@gremid> under the domain list.interedition.eu
20:32 #interedition: <@reynaert> 4) interedition@interedition.eu also  works but not used
20:32 #interedition: <@gremid> any preferences, opinions?
20:33 #interedition: <@gremid> (i guess we should settle for one option ;))
20:33 #interedition: <@_tla> all@interedition.eu is currently a mailing list on the google group.
20:33 #interedition: <@_tla> we could set up a real google group there and use that
20:33 #interedition: <@_tla> or we could keep mailing lists there
20:34 -!- nick_performant [~nick@66-207-95-23.cho.dmt.ntelos.net] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:34 #interedition: <@reynaert> whatever we do: i suggest using the addresses ae use this time
20:34 -!- nick__ [~nick@66-207-95-23.cho.dmt.ntelos.net] has joined #interedition
20:34 #interedition: <@reynaert> those are better than the regiatered ones at all@interedition.eu
20:34 #interedition: <@gremid> personally i am fine with any option, as long as it makes announcements easier than BCC'ing people and the administration effort is minimized
20:35 #interedition: <@reynaert> +1
20:35 #interedition: <@reynaert> on that one: tla offered administering the google group
20:35 #interedition: <@reynaert> (which was just that tad too mucg for me)
20:35 #interedition: <@reynaert> right tla?
20:36 #interedition: <@_tla> yeah i'm happy to
20:36 #interedition: <@_tla> though in practice we can have up to 10 admins.
20:36 #interedition: <@gremid> any objections against google groups?
20:36 #interedition: < nick__> +1 google group
20:36 #interedition: < _rhd> +1 google group
20:36 #interedition: <@reynaert> (i think it's messy, but it works anyway: +1)
20:36 #interedition: < msirtep> +1
20:37 #interedition: < _moz> +1
20:37 #interedition: <@gremid> ok. so we a google group it is
20:37 #interedition: <@_tla> righty ho, work for me ;)
20:37 #interedition: <@gremid> :-)
20:37 #interedition: <@gremid> i am happy to be one of the 10 admins
20:37 #interedition: <@gremid> TOP #2: DH2012 Bootcamp (schedule, agenda)
20:37 #interedition: <@_tla> noted
20:38 #interedition: <@gremid> reynaert: do you want to give a short intro?
20:39 #interedition:  * nick__ got to go..  will leave IRC running (have a good bootcamp!)
20:39 #interedition:  * gremid waves
20:39 #interedition: <@reynaert> bye nick
20:39 #interedition: <@reynaert> re intro: can be short indeed
20:40 #interedition: <@reynaert> marco offers to organize a room
20:40 #interedition: <@reynaert> so we could have a bootcamp
20:40 #interedition: < msirtep> 14 July - 17 july
20:40 #interedition: <@reynaert> we have alas no bursaries on offer this tine
20:40 #interedition: <@reynaert> but many might be there for the dh anyway
20:41 #interedition: <@reynaert> like e.g. me, doug, ronald etc.
20:41 #interedition: < msirtep> I'll organize coffee and water and that stuff...
20:41 #interedition: <@reynaert> however the imho difficult matter i think mighht be the suggested dates
20:42 #interedition: <@reynaert> i can't make dates before the 17th for instance
20:42 #interedition: <@reynaert> not sure about others
20:42 -!- daxim [~daxim@] has quit [Quit: pro quo, Agent Starling]
20:42 #interedition: <@reynaert> in anycase
20:42 #interedition: < _rhd> gertjan and I will be arriving on sunday the 15th of july
20:42 #interedition: < msirtep> dh starts th 16th
20:42 #interedition: <@reynaert> if we want a bootcamp
20:42 #interedition: <@gremid> there is a DARIAH-SOA workshop on the 16th. :-> apart from that i should be able to make it
20:43 #interedition: <@reynaert> we should have a very friendly call out asap
20:43 #interedition: <@reynaert> and pretty open i guess as we do not have bursaries thia time
20:43 #interedition: <@reynaert> msirtep: what wuold yo
20:43 #interedition: <@reynaert> u say
20:44 #interedition: <@reynaert> if i would suggest 15-18 for example?
20:44 #interedition:  * _tla was also hoping for a bootcamp-setup room overlapping DH, where we could go if none of the talks in a particular session interested us :)
20:44 #interedition: < msirtep> I would have to check if I can get a room for the 18th
20:45 #interedition: < msirtep> oh you mean in parallel
20:45 #interedition: <@_tla> *nod*
20:45 #interedition: <@_tla> though i guess pressure on rooms might be a problem for you?
20:46 #interedition: <@reynaert> in favor of parrallel: many in dh could check out if they like the idea at all
20:46 #interedition: < msirtep> my collegue Katrin, which is doing the DH organizations promised me a room 14-17, but she might be able to change that
20:46 #interedition: <@reynaert> but that would require us to be sprcifically prepared to introduce peopple to the bpotcamp idea of coursr
20:46 #interedition: <@gremid> 15-18 would be nice for me too
20:46 #interedition: <@_tla> +1
20:46 #interedition: <@_tla> (i'll be stretching it to arrive the 16th if i can)
20:47 #interedition: <@reynaert> (i'm on ipad, hence the awkward typing, not drrrunkk or anything ;)
20:47 #interedition: <@gremid> so in terms of the dates, could we agree on the 15-18 as the preferred timeframe? or are there any objections?
20:47 #interedition: <@_tla> reynaert: suuure ;)
20:47 #interedition: < msirtep> I'll see what I can do with the room
20:47 #interedition: < _moz> the ate suits me well
20:47 #interedition: < _moz> date
20:48 #interedition:  * reynaert is indignified
20:48 #interedition: <@gremid> msirtep: thanks
20:48 #interedition: <@reynaert> msirtep: thanks, would be great indeed
20:48 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, so as dates we aim for 15-18 july, approval be msirtep pending
20:48 #interedition: <@gremid> how about the topic?
20:49 #interedition: <@reynaert> any ideas anyone on what we could put in the call to sound open and inviting?
20:49 #interedition:  * _tla wouldn't mind leaving the topic pretty open
20:49 #interedition: < msirtep> collaboration? this what i'm tackling with CATMA right now
20:49 #interedition: <@gremid> i liked msirtep's idea of a bootcamp on "collaboration"
20:50 #interedition: <@_tla> sounds good to me
20:50 #interedition: <@reynaert> *nod* sounds fine to me
20:50 #interedition: <@gremid> it is open enough, yet we do not loose our reputation of a comparatively focused project
20:50 #interedition: <@gremid> ;)
20:50 -!- doug___ [415858d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #interedition
20:50 #interedition: <@reynaert> but how would that expand into a call text.
20:50 #interedition: <@reynaert> ?
20:51 #interedition: <@gremid> hi doug___
20:51 #interedition: <@reynaert> oh hey Doug!
20:51 #interedition: <@gremid> currently discussing the topic of the upcoming bootcamp
20:51 #interedition: < doug___> Hi all, trying to save the world from stupid ebook policy
20:51 #interedition: < doug___> (Book Expo is in town)
20:51 #interedition: < doug___> Cool
20:51 #interedition: < _rhd> collaboration in a broad sense could mean community building aswell as exchanging data and tools between projects
20:51 #interedition: <@reynaert> go doug! get us workable open ebooks
20:51 #interedition: < doug___> --doing my best...
20:52 #interedition:  * _tla agrees with _rhd - and the bootcamp itself is about building up the community.
20:52 #interedition: <@gremid> +1
20:52 #interedition: <@_tla> doug___: you should talk to my friend andromeda sometime :)
20:52 #interedition: <@gremid> any other suggestions in terms of topics?
20:52 #interedition: <@gremid> (in the general sense)
20:52 #interedition: < doug___> Sorry, for the boot camp?
20:52 #interedition: <@gremid> yes
20:52 #interedition: <@reynaert> re collaboration: sure, but sounds like talking more than coding (no pron, but..)
20:53 #interedition: < msirtep> no, collaboration has some challenges for coders
20:53 #interedition: < _rhd> I guess the coding part depends very much on who shows up
20:53 #interedition: < doug___> Hmmm...yeah.  I wonder if we could build a quick brew/port/apt-get like installer for DHers
20:53 #interedition: < msirtep> I mean if want to work on the same things and see changes by other immediately for example
20:53 #interedition: <@_tla> right, collaboration as in writing the tools that webapps need to allow for collab, etc. seeing what can be generalized
20:54 -!- abraxxa [~abraxxa@tsa-tc-flod-1.t-systems.at] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:54 #interedition: < doug___> Like you run this on your mac and it installs all the tools & libraries you need to start playing with us
20:54 #interedition: <@_tla> also possible in terms of our own collaboration infra - rationalize github, dropbox, etc.
20:54 #interedition: < doug___> It would address the yak shaving problem Tara addressed so well o her blog
20:55 #interedition: < doug___> It seems like that would be semi-easy code wise but would be fairly useful
20:55 #interedition: <@gremid> maybe take that meme up in the title?
20:55 #interedition: < doug___> yeah
20:56 #interedition: <@reynaert> (does anybody have a yak on loan for practice :-b)
20:56 #interedition: < doug___> If we could get a good open social thing working with one command or double click that would be success I think
20:56 #interedition:  * _tla has a picture of a yak!
20:56 #interedition: < doug___> :)
20:56 #interedition: <@gremid> :-)
20:56 #interedition: <@_tla> taken by a friend in person and used in a couple of my talks :)
20:56 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, seems like we are settling on that one … any other suggestions?
20:56 #interedition: < doug___> So, I'm going to have to be very obnxious and run off to another meeting in a minute, but do we have dates/times for the bootcamp yet
20:57 #interedition: < doug___> (I've already booked my flight, alas, but I left a day or so at the beginning just in case)
20:57 #interedition: <@_tla> we are hoping for 15-18
20:57 #interedition: <@gremid> 15-18 july, pending confirmation of room availability by msirtep
20:57 #interedition: < doug___> cool
20:57 #interedition: <@gremid> so "collaborative yak shaving" it is?
20:58 #interedition: < doug___> I like it!
20:58 #interedition: < doug___> Or the Yak Shaver System
20:58 #interedition: < doug___> Yak Razor
20:58 #interedition: <@gremid> would anybody volunteer to draft a call?
20:58 #interedition: < doug___> When do we need it by?
20:58 #interedition: <@reynaert> by yesterday
20:58 #interedition: < doug___> I would nominate Tara actually if she can repurpose her blog
20:59 #interedition: <@reynaert> tla: shall we team for that?
20:59 #interedition: <@_tla> reynaert: sure, only catch is that i can't really work on it until monday.
21:00 #interedition: < doug___> K.  Apologies but must run.  This sounds good.  I can help too next week if needed
21:00 #interedition: < doug___> See you all.
21:00 #interedition: <@_tla> doug___: thanks for dropping by
21:00 #interedition: <@gremid> doug___: see you
21:00 #interedition: < _moz> bye
21:00 #interedition: <@gremid> i guess if nobody else volunteers, we will go for a call by next week?
21:01 #interedition: <@_tla> *nod* though sending it will have to wait fro date confirmation from msirtep 
21:01 #interedition: < msirtep> I'll try to settle room arrangements this week
21:01 #interedition: <@gremid> which is one month ahead of time, but given that we do not have bursaries and our target audience are conference attendees anyways ..
21:02 #interedition: < msirtep> I can help with the call next week as well
21:02 #interedition:  * _tla notes down names :)
21:02 #interedition: <@_tla> okay, we can get it done next week i think.
21:02 #interedition: <@gremid> so agreed?
21:02 #interedition: <@_tla> yep
21:02 #interedition: <@gremid> good
21:02 #interedition: <@gremid> TOP #3: Tasks Owners
21:03 #interedition: <@gremid> cf. http://interedition.eu/wiki/index.php/Minutes_OpenIRC_20120321
21:03 #interedition: <@gremid> maybe we go step by step
21:03 #interedition: <@gremid> #1. bootcamps
21:03 #interedition: <@gremid> Hamburg we have, thanks to msirtep and you all
21:03 #interedition: <@gremid> amsterdam?
21:04 #interedition: <@reynaert> ests november, ronald and i should really look into that
21:04 #interedition: <@reynaert> ronald can you help with that a little?
21:04 -!- doug___ [415858d0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
21:04 #interedition: <@reynaert> there's some money for bursaries
21:04 #interedition: <@reynaert> tiny but still
21:05 #interedition: <@reynaert> guess mist important us a olid call early in september
21:05 -!- _rhd1 [~Ronald@5ED2B68D.cm-7-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has joined #interedition
21:05 #interedition: <@reynaert> oh.. right
21:06 #interedition: <@reynaert> can somebody with a decent keyboard read that back to rhd1?
21:06 #interedition: <@gremid> so it is reynaert and _rhd as task owners?
21:06 #interedition: <@gremid> for an amsterdam bootcamp adjacent to ESTS
21:06 #interedition: <@gremid> _rhd?
21:06 #interedition: <@reynaert> okay for me, *if* rhd can help with the huygens internal politics a little
21:07 #interedition: < _rhd1> remote server disconnected me for a while
21:07 #interedition: < _rhd1> missed the discussion
21:07 #interedition: <@gremid> sorry
21:07 #interedition: <@gremid> TOP #3: Tasks Owners
21:07 #interedition: <@gremid> cf. http://interedition.eu/wiki/index.php/Minutes_OpenIRC_20120321
21:07 #interedition: <@gremid> first point
21:07 #interedition: <@gremid> we are talking about organizing more bootcamps
21:07 #interedition: < _rhd1> ok
21:07 #interedition: < _rhd1> you want to do one during ESTS
21:08 #interedition: <@gremid> yes, would you volunteer to coorganize it with reynaert
21:08 #interedition: <@gremid> ?
21:08 -!- _rhd [~Ronald@5ED2B68D.cm-7-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl] has quit [Ping timeout: 269 seconds]
21:08 #interedition: < _rhd1> sure
21:08 #interedition: <@reynaert> well timed :->
21:08 #interedition: <@gremid> great
21:09 #interedition: <@gremid> alex czmiel and i am are looking into organizing a follow-up to the cologne "bootcamp"
21:09 #interedition: <@gremid> but smaller
21:09 #interedition: <@gremid> might come with bursaries, we will keep you posted
21:10 #interedition: <@gremid> any other suggestions for bootcamps?
21:10 #interedition: <@reynaert> march 2013 could see a bootcamp attache to a that camp in amsterdam
21:10 #interedition: <@reynaert> will let you know in due time
21:10 #interedition: <@reynaert> but could be noted down on the wiki already i guess
21:11 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, then point #2: Cleaning up Site/Wiki
21:11 #interedition: <@gremid> any volunteers?
21:11 #interedition: <@reynaert> i will tackle the annoying spam in the coming days
21:12 #interedition: <@reynaert> but have no real time for good restructurung
21:12 #interedition: <@gremid> i could take care of the dev-related parts
21:12 #interedition: <@gremid> references to releases, source repos etc.
21:13 #interedition: <@gremid> anybody feeling like mapping the "ecosystem"?
21:13 #interedition: < _moz> i'd also like to help, but will have very little time before DH
21:14 #interedition: <@_tla> at the cologne meeting last november, dave lester volunteered to help - someone should really rope him in.
21:14 #interedition: <@_tla> but it's the sort of thing that is going to take more than one person at any rate
21:14 #interedition: <@_tla> (and i really have zero time before august or september.)
21:15 -!- gremid_ [~gremid@host109-148-71-220.range109-148.btcentralplus.com] has joined #interedition
21:15 -!- mode/#interedition [+o gremid_] by ChanServ
21:15 #interedition: <@gremid_> sorry, got disconnected
21:15 #interedition: <@_tla> 21:13 < _moz> i'd also like to help, but will have very little time before DH
21:15 #interedition: <@_tla> 21:14 <@_tla> at the cologne meeting last november, dave lester volunteered to help - someone should really rope him in.
21:15 #interedition: <@_tla> 21:14 <@_tla> but it's the sort of thing that is going to take more than one person at any rate
21:15 #interedition: <@_tla> 21:14 <@_tla> (and i really have zero time before august or september.)
21:15 #interedition: <@_tla> (to catch you up)
21:15 #interedition: <@gremid_> _tla: thx
21:15 #interedition: <@_tla> anyway i think someone should be put in charge of the revamp, but that someone should also be able to count on help from others.
21:16 #interedition: <@gremid_> ok, so put me in charge
21:16 #interedition: <@gremid_> and i'll try to involve dave
21:16 #interedition: <@gremid_> or whoever would have time
21:16 #interedition: <@gremid_> ok?
21:16 #interedition: <@_tla> +1
21:17 #interedition: <@gremid_> #3: Contacting/Networking
21:17 #interedition: <@gremid_> i *think* i can build ties to DARIAH
21:17 -!- racke [~racke@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
21:17 #interedition: <@reynaert> *nod* we have some leads/contacts into dariah
21:17 -!- gremid [~gremid@host31-53-59-142.range31-53.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
21:17 -!- gremid [~gremid@host31-53-59-142.range31-53.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
21:18 -!- gremid_ is now known as gremid
21:18 #interedition: <@reynaert> i think that is covered
21:18 #interedition: <@gremid> ok�
21:18 #interedition: <@reynaert> rhd, reynaert, ljo are connected to clarin
21:18 #interedition: <@reynaert> we do not ave major leverage but we are contacts in any case
21:19 #interedition: <@reynaert> but we can use more networking in the us i think
21:19 #interedition: <@reynaert> that's dave again i guess
21:19 #interedition: <@gremid> any other suggestions? regarding contacts, networking, funding?
21:20 #interedition: <@_tla> pity doug & nick are gone
21:20 #interedition: <@gremid> "clarion and pariah" (as my mac corrects me) we have
21:21 #interedition: <@_tla> should we table this and return to it next time americans are here?
21:21 #interedition: <@gremid> +1
21:21 #interedition: <@reynaert> +1
21:21 #interedition: < msirtep> +1
21:21 -!- racke [~racke@chello084114140148.6.15.vie.surfer.at] has joined #austria.pm
21:21 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, any other tasks we need owners for?
21:22 #interedition: <@_tla> think that covers it
21:22 #interedition: <@gremid> ok, last topic
21:22 #interedition: <@gremid> TOP #5: Reports on ongoing development work
21:23 #interedition: <@gremid> i guess this is open-ended
21:23 #interedition: <@gremid> so what are you up to?
21:23 #interedition: <@reynaert> getting well tbh
21:23 #interedition:  * _tla is still working on that regularizer / relationship mapper that we demo'd in march
21:23 #interedition: <@reynaert> then need to work on my code for DH contribution (stylistics)
21:23 #interedition: <@_tla> adding the ability to enter / store metadata about the readings themselves, not just their relationships to other readings.
21:23 #interedition: < _rhd1> does it have to be interedition related?
21:24 #interedition: <@_tla> _rhd1: not necessarily, mostly this is so we know what we're up to in terms of "hey maybe collaboration would be useful on X"
21:24 #interedition:  * gremid did some improvements to the text model, ORM-based persistence and red-black-tree-based indexing of annotations on the JS client-side
21:25 #interedition: <@_tla> gremid: so, er...what does that mean? :)
21:26 #interedition: <@gremid> _tla: if you have n annotations ranging over a text, it takes O(n) to check which annotations overlap a certain range of text
21:26 #interedition: <@gremid> with the tree index structure (range tree) this goes down to log(n)
21:26 #interedition: < _rhd1> ok. Development team is working on multple publications of historical letters. we use one codebase that we developed for all three of them. We are making plans for building repositories to store all research data of the institute into to connect all the data of seperate project to each other. Also still trying to hire an extra developer.
21:27 #interedition:  * _moz is working on calculating manuscript datings on the basis of textual identity, difference and other relationships
21:29 #interedition: <@_tla> _moz: as in relative datings?
21:29 #interedition: < _moz> yeah
21:29 #interedition: <@_tla> *nod*
21:30 #interedition: < _moz> a main part of the idea is that the texts on the manuscript relate in some way to some final text
21:30 #interedition: < _moz> which places the manuscript text at a certain position
21:30 #interedition:  * nick__ is back
21:31 #interedition:  * gremid has to grab some late dinner
21:31 #interedition: < _moz> so one manuscript can textually preceed , succeed or contain another manuscript,
21:32 #interedition: < _moz> and we are trying to extract some clues for dating from that and other hints
21:32 #interedition: <@gremid> i'll keep the IRC client running. thank you all for attending
21:32 #interedition: < _moz> thx gremid
21:32 #interedition: <@reynaert> thx gremid
21:32 #interedition: < msirtep> thx
21:33 #interedition: < _rhd1> thanks
21:33 #interedition: <@_tla> _moz: would be interested in seeing what kind of tools you end up having for htis
21:33 #interedition: < _moz> _tla: we'll present it at DH
21:33 #interedition: <@reynaert> moz: this might be only slightly related yet still helpful. In Groningen they are working on dating manuscripts based on formal characteristics. Don't know about the current state. Some (obscure) info is here: http://www.narcis.nl/research/RecordID/OND1347379/Language/en
21:34 #interedition: < _moz> and of course also personally at …. one of the next bootcamps
21:36 #interedition:  * _tla suggests formally closing the meeting (ergo the log)
21:37 #interedition: < nick__> if there are no other status updates, I second the motion
21:37 #interedition: <@reynaert> +1
21:38 #interedition: < _moz> reynaert: thanks for the link, they are mainly analyzing features of the script with machine learning
21:38 #interedition: < _moz> which is quite a different approach, but i'd be interested to see the results
21:41 #interedition: <@reynaert> moz: *nod*, I'm sure I'll hear back from it if they are successful
--- Log closed Wed Jun 06 21:43:18 2012