Minutes OpenIRC 20120321

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This was not exactly the first Open IRC meeting, but we'll let the meeting at the end of the March 2012 bootcamp stand as such.

Next Steps

  1. Keep on organizing bootcamps
    • DH2012 Hamburg, a bootcamp is proposed for Sat. 14 - Tue. 17 July, local organizer is Marco Petris (Catma)
    • ESTS Nov. 2012 (Amsterdam)

  2. Cleaning up Site/Wiki
    • making it a good overview of what happened
    • clear list of results
    • ecosystem of connected
      • persons and
      • projects
    • We need a coordinator for this
    • Dave Lester volunteered to help

  3. Contacting/Networking
    • We need 1 (one) *nice* message!
    • DARIAH, Christiane Fritze
      • Deposit tools at DARIAH
        • Their problem is community building, #bootcamp
        • Suggest bootcamps are our gratification for our contribution
    • CenterNet, Neil Freistat
    • Europeana/Libraries (Andromeda Yelton?)

  4. Funding (Why fundable, our USPs)
    • Dissemination
    • Set of tools
    • Efficiency of organization
    • Community building
    • We actually *build* tools

  5. Funding (Possibilities I)
    • Lorentz Workshop (Joris)
    • Tara -> ideas (hmm..?)
    • CenterNet (who?)
    • DFG - NEH (Grant)
    • OAC (Grant, Asaf(?))
    • Sloan Foundation (Doug)
    • Google Cultural @Paris (who?)

  6. Funding (Posibilities II)
    • If institution will pay, they pay (err.., what did we mean by that?)
    • We subsidize the longer travel (so as to be less local like THAT)
    • We include a Saturday night
    • We focus/post Summerschools at DH curricula that are not IT strong
    • Challenges -> Bring in the H-team idea
    • Clear description on site: how do you hire us? We offer:
      • Teaching, instruction on integration, hackathons

  7. How do we purpose #bootcamp to scholars and institutions
    • Define a clear challenge
    • Use IRC to plan bootcamps better
    • Post bootcamp calls
    • Each bootcamp focuses on 1 (one) microservice
    • Use tickets on GitHub
    • Backlog stories on GitHub
    • Organize talks and lectures on 1 of the tools in actual research cases

  8. How to stay in touch?
    • IRC meet ups
      • every 1st Wed. of eery month, 6pm UTC
      • collect agenda beforehand
      • advertise on Wiki/Mail
      • make sure lines with specific keyword are not logged ('norec'?)