Minutes 24-11-2010 Pisa Interedition Stemmatology

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Joint meeting between members from the Interedition group and the Studia Stemmatologica group. Introduction from Stemmatologists: there is a discussion going on on what stemmatology exactly is in the group. It not only concerns texts, but also patterns in ..., calenders, fairy tales etc. Not all stemmatologists are also text editors.

What stemmatologists would need from Interedition: transcription tools yielding the right format for stemmatological tools. Word by word analysis is also needed as a next step. This could perhaps be generated from CollateX. Then tools are needed to go from this analysis to stemmatic graphs, for publications and other kinds of dissemination. All these different steps could be automated in one pipeline. In sum: tools please! Stemmatologists would like to connect to several different stemmatological tools.

Joris suggests that both groups together can draft shared wishes and then look further at what we can do. He asks the stemmatologists if they can provide datasets in an addressable way. If we can open our data streams for each other, a small group of representatives from both groups can study the problem of the "orchestration of web services". This has not been done yet anywhere, not even in industries. The results could then become part of the Interedition Road Map. Things to address by this small group would be: can we provide a list of desiderata on what to do to make the pipelining possible? One person from the Stemmatology Group could join an Interedition bootcamp to look into this more deeply. One of the formats used for stemmatological graph is the nexus format. This seems to be easily generated from CollateX. Other formats are also used and could be researched from this point of view.

Both groups have about the same time line: both end in 2012. We could organize a workshop together at the end of both projects.