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1 Karina is minutes-taker

2 No remarks

3 Not much to report yet. Joris is invited to the HERA conference in Strassboug, to introduce Interedition in 10 minutes time to the HERA people (October).

4 See minutes on wiki. Chairs will complete these and write a synopsis, pointing out which direction the WG is taking, and concrete suggestions for next plans. For WG1 a next meeting will have to be planned.

5 and 6 Roadmap is the deliverable we promised at the end of the Action. Meant to reachc out to policy making institutions to make them think about how to go about haling to implement the type of things we all need and want. The table of contents of the Roadmap could be the same as a grant application for the FP7. Joris asks who have experience with working on FP7 applications. Susan and James have been involved. Joris would like to make use of their experience for the eventual Roadmap. Andrea suggests that the first draft should be made soon, in the form of a short manifest, with the main topics and approaches mentioned. This text will come in handy for talks with any national ministry by Interedition partners. More focused on organisation and management than content. Joris would like to do that, as soon as possible.

7 It is decided that the chairs will draw up an action list and put it in the wiki as 'a revised action list'. Karina will take care of a mailing list proper and check whether automatic notification from the wiki is possible. She will also put the mail addresses on the wiki in a human readable form only.

8 WG1: when Karina put the Action list together, she will see whether a small meeting is necessary,, with e.g. Edward about the survey, or a larger one. She will let everybody know, inviting everyone to let her know if they are interested in being included in WG1. WG4: next meeting not needed soon? Andrea: start in or around Februari. We need to take a lot of time to prepare a good application. Joris: sketchy draft of a possible application before the next MC meeting in february. 2010 seems like a good year to opt for an FP7 application. Andrea will send out a draft for everyone to shoot at, to help us think further on this is the next MC.

9 No other business.