München Bootcamp

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The 'live minutes' are here: Live Minutes München

Task list Bootcamp:


  • Turn out proper documentation
    • Gathering existing docs into one place on line
    • Gathering existing services

(Ronald, Joris)

  • Generate a list of current features & collation use cases
    • prioritization of features list

(Ronald, Leif-Jöran)

  • Stabilize API
    • defining limits of the model, what are we *not* going to support
    • make published subset very clear
    • clear deliminator between internal functions and external exposed functions/methods

(Gregor, Leif-Jöran, Federico)

  • Prototype web service(s)
    • Lucene based tokenization/regularization (To show we're able to build on already established stemmers and tokenizers)

(Tara, Doug, Joris)

  • Prototype Web Interfaces
    • Some tool chain prototype that shows the different stages of an actual editing process (and web service model?) integrated
      • Based on prior GUI work by Tara
      • Based on Bas Doppen's GUI proposal

(Tara, Doug, Joris)

    • Possibility to show individual services and what they accept (like JSON)
    • Website text in -> tokenize
          tokens -> collation