Leuven2012 Working groups

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(up to the Leuven 2012 master page)

Here are a few proposed topical groups for the bootcamp. These are of course subject to tweaking and change.

  • Doug: stemmatology, interface, linking
  • Alan: linking, standards, security layer
  • Henry: Approximation / matching algorithms, search tools, output best practices
  • Jeff: Collation, morphology, version control
  • Christof: simple TEI, smart search, usability
  • Dirk: citable queries
  • Armin: stemmatology, digital representation of editions
  • Maria: colocations, graphical representation
  • Jim: pass
  • Marco: corpus analysis, markup analysis
  • Troy: TEI text repository as webservice, apparatus editor
  • Zeth: generic regularization of word forms
  • Neven: corpus analysis, comparative analysis, citable queries
  • Asaf: annotation, linked data, FRBR
  • Moritz: robust standoff annotation, automatic dating of manuscripts
  • Anna: linked data, rdf/ontologies, using the markup
  • Russell: similarity, text re-use
  • Xiaohan: collation, RDF, opensocial
  • Thomas: semantic/linked data <- TEI, annotation frameworks, network visualizations
  • Tara: comparative analysis, stemmatology

Linked data

  • Members: Asaf, Dirk, Jim, Moritz, Anna, Thomas, Alan, Marco
  • Ideas:
    • Automatically generate OAC annotations from TEI, e.g. link names/places to Wikipedia entries / Geonames: Asaf, Dirk
    • Automatically extract selected RDF from TEI files: Thomas, Alan, Anna
    • Clients (maybe OpenSocial): Jim
      • Annotating: Marco
      • Browsing: Moritz
    • Citable queries, including results at a certain time
    • Bridge for closed annotations (Facebook/Google comments, ...) into the open: Thomas
  • keywords that have not yielded ideas so far: ontology, text reuse

Ngram Extractor Tool

Team: Maria, Russell, Henry, Jeffrey

Regularizer tool

  • Members: Zeth, Troy, Xiaohan, Joris, Neven, Christof


  • Members: Tara, Doug, Armin