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Dates & Place

The bootcamp will run from Wednesday 11 January to Saturday the 14th, from roughly 10am to 6pm each day (though we will probably end a little early on Saturday so that people can catch their flights.) It will be held in room 2.08 of the Monseigneur Sencie Institute (MSI). A map showing its location is here and will be updated with relevant placemarkers around Leuven as they occur to me.

Travel to/from Leuven

By air: The best airport to fly into is Brussels National (Zaventem); from there, the easiest way to reach Leuven is by train. Direct trains run about twice per hour and cost €5.40; the trip takes about 25 minutes.

By train: From the east / Germany, the best connection is probably via Liège; otherwise via Brussels. Intercity trains between these two cities run every half hour and stop at Leuven.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE BY MISTAKE. If you get off the train and everyone is speaking French, you are in the wrong city.

The train station is on the east side of the city center, and the bootcamp and most hotels are walkable from there. Otherwise you can get a taxi in the square in front of the station.


Your best best is to use a website like http://www.booking.com/ to find a hotel. The hotels we use most often are La Royale (http://www.laroyale.be/, across from the train station) and Hotel De Pastorij (http://www.depastorij.com/), although the latter is very small. Other options include chain hotels such as the Ibis or Mercure in the center.


Wifi will be available during the bootcamp, either via Eduroam (if you are from a partner institution) or via accounts on the university guest network.