Gregor Middell Wuerzburg2011

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Thank you very much in advance for filling out this questionaire, it will help us enormously to inform our now and future funders of the usefullness of our bootcamp model

1. Please state your affiliation

Universität Würzburg, Digitale Faust-Edition

2. What value did you get from attending the bootcamp, what were your coding results?

During the bootcamp I was able to meet with specialists in the field of transcription and annotation tools, which allowed me to test my idea of a range-based text model and how it might support online editors for texts with complex, arbitrarly overlapping markup.

A prototype of such a text editor was created by colleagues during the bootcamp and I was able to provide a backend for it by using the aforementioned text model and a RESTful web service wrapper around it.

3. Links

4. Collaborators

5. Any recommendations for future bootcamps?

No, it was great! ;-)