Federico Meschini Wuerzburg2011

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1. Please state your affiliation

Lecture in Digital Humanities at Tuscia University.

2. What value did you get from attending the bootcamp, what were your coding results?

My main activity during the bootcamp has been the deep and extensive study and analysis of the OAC (Open Annotation Collaboration) standard, which was selected as the underlying model of the annotation services to be developed during the bootcamp, so to facilitate adherence and interoperability to existing and future projects. The specs have been fully covered, and at the same time related and compared to similar initiatives, such as the formal model for annotations of digital content developed by Agosti et al. or the Sane model by Peter Boot.

In this way the development of the services during the bootcamp was always confronted with official specs, so to never lost adherence with them.

A parallel activity, not direclty related to the main development activities, but always related to the scope of Interedition, has been the discussions and the related exchange of knowledge, in particular with Gregor Midell and Wendell Piez, of the recent trends in dealing in overlapping in markup.

4. Successful integrations...

5. Any recommendations for future bootcamps?

The Interedition Bootcamp is always a great opportunity for sharing knowledge and working together. Probably what could help is a light planning to take place some days before the actual meeting, so to coordinate better the efforts of the different people, such as an interests and skills list, the arguments