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Getting started

For instructions on how to set yourself up for CollateX development, see Getting Started.

Data formats: TEI compliance

We are in the process of feeding back our findings about computer-aided collation into what shall become a revised version of guidelines on critical apparatus encoding as proposed by the Text Encoding Initiative. A description of the “Gothenburg model” developed by Interedition can be found on the TEI Wiki, work on the revised guidelines is coordinated there as well.

Prior development system

Working Group 2 on prototyping has in the past used a separate Trac system for recording tickets, noting milestones, and documenting what they are up to in their own wiki. This is available at:

Annotation and Linking

Prototyping during the Darmstadt Bootcamp

Transcription/ Text-Image-Annotation

The Palo Alto model


Micro-service Deliverables