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Access Points

Interedition’s Wiki

Most of the work, communication, resources etc. related to Interedition can be found ont the ‘Work in Progress’ site of Interedition. You’ll find this working environment at

Joining Interedtion

Joining ‘Interedition’ will enable you to connect to a large body of researchers and experts that are concerned with ‘text in the digital age’. If you want to learn about or contribute to the cause of digitally sustaining our textual heritage, there’s various way to do so.

Mail List
You can subscribe to our mail list by sending a mail to

Becoming a Member
Interedition as a COST Action has the ability to reach out to various European and non European countries. A lot of European countries are member of Interedition, but lots more can join. Especially humanities researchers and/or people engaged with ‘digital humanities’ from the eastern European continent are encouraged to consider their benefits of joining. To join or get info on joining mail us at

Take Seat in a Working Group
The work horses of Interedition are formed by the various Working Groups. Working Groups focus specific tasks in the project. Membership of a Working Group is open to any researcher that is affiliated with a COST institution in the COST countries. You can contact the Members of Interedition’s Management Committee of your country to obtain more information or to join. An overview of countries that are represented in Interedition you’ll find at the COST site. If your country is not listed, see Becoming a Member above.

Memorandum of Understanding

Some more information on the backgrounds of the problems we’re addressing can also be found in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that’s underpinning Interedition as a COST Action. The MoU is found here


For any information that you didn’t find here, and for all questions in fact you can turn to us by using the email address