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12th Bootcamp: Collaborative Aspects

Interedition has the pleasure of inviting all interested scholars and hackers to participate in the upcoming Bootcamp, to be held alongside the DH2012 conference in Hamburg ( from 15 to 18 July 2012. The Bootcamp is organized through the kind effort of Marco Petris and Jan Christoph Meister from Hamburg University.

The focus of this bootcamp is on tools and practices related to “digital collaboration” in all its forms. Topics and problems that could be addressed are (but certainly have not be limited to):

* real time multi-user resource editing (like in Google Docs)
* division of tasks and labour in user groups
* exchange of data between different tools applied by users
* sharing copyright protected data between users
* how do users share data but keep it identifiable as their intellectual property?
* tools for collaborative research
* tools for crowdsourcing (e.g. for text transcription)
* tools, processes, and methods for collaborative development within the
Interedition community

The full call for participation is available at:

Bootcamp venue
Room 125 
Building ESA West
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1
20146  Hamburg

Bootcamp start
Sunday July 15, 3PM CEST

Local Organizers
Marco Petris, Jan Christoph Meister

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