What is Interedition?

Interedition is a COST Action; our aim is to promote the interoperability of the tools and methodology we use in the field of digital scholarly editing and research.

What does that mean?

There are a great many researchers out there in the field of textual scholarship. Some of you have written some amazing computer tools in the course of your research, and others of you could benefit greatly if these tools were openly available. The primary purpose of Interedition is to facilitate this contact—to encourage the creators of tools for textual scholarship to make their functionality available to others, and to promote communication between scholars so that we can raise awareness of innovative working methods.

Why should we do that?

Lack of IT capacity and sustainability are major threats to the continuity of our digital research sources, tools, and results. We want to network as much digital effort in our field as possible to create a common strong, supportive, interoperated mesh of our technologies that will eventually self sustain.

CFP: TEI & Interoperability Think Tank

#teifuture #an_interoperability_perspective

Hubland Campus, Wuerzburg University, Building Z6 (look for the sign post inside), 13.30-15.30.

Recently we witnessed an engaged debate over twitter and the TEI-list focusing on interoperability as a future avenue for furthering the goals of TEI. The ESF COST Action IS0704 ‘Interedition’, specifically focused on interoperable tools for textual scholarship, is organizing a half day Think Tank on this subject during the upcoming TEI-meeting at the Universität Würzburg. We’ve found Sebastian Rahtz (Oxford University Computing Services) and Doug Reside (New York Public Library), and Wendell Piez (Mulberry Technologies R&D) prepared to fire off the discussion with key pitches. Wendell will be chairing the Think Tank.


Interedition is delighted to offer several bursaries for attending this Think Tank on 12 October 2011 that is coinciding and co-organized with the 2011 Annual Conference and Members’ Meeting of the TEI Consortium: “Philology in the Digital Age” held at Würzburg University, 10-16 October 2011.

For the full call and application information see:


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