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Working Group 2 Meeting
June 7-9 Birmingham University

From the 7th to the 9th of June 2011 a meeting of Working Group 2 (‘Prototyping’) will be held at Birmingham University, courtesty of ITSEE, the Institute of Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing. If you want to register, or want further information, please email Zeth using

Scholars from ITSEE in Birmingham and INTF in Münster have been collating manuscript transcriptions with Collate2 since 1997 and still are using it. The purpose of this meeting is to bring these users together with CollateX developers in order to test, improve and implement CollateX, in particular to create a browser based interface for collating manuscript witnesses.

This meeting is open to anyone, however the purpose of the meeting is solely concerned with CollateX and related matters, so attendees will be expected to test or develop CollateX.

About CollateX

CollateX is a new object-oriented and open source application for collating textual sources, for example, to produce a critical apparatus. CollateX is led by Ronald Haentjens Dekker from the Huygens Institute, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, but has also had contributions from several individuals and institutions under the umbrella of the European initiative “Interedition”.

Get the CollateX source code from Launchpad.

About Interedition

Instead of everyone making their own non-interoperable tools, the aim of Interedition is to make the tools and methodology in the digital scholarly editing and research part of an interoperable infrastructure, thus increasing maintainability, efficiency and performance. Interedition hopes to provide web services that form a networked research platform.

Read more about Interedition here.


The Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing, University of Birmingham, researches manuscript traditions and produces electronic editions, current projects include the International Greek New Testament Project and the Birmingham Virtual Manuscript Room.

Read More about ITSEE here

About INTF

The Institute for New Testament Textual Research, University of Münster, produces several New Testament editions and online tools for New Testament Scholarship.

Read more about INTF here

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